“The Suspended Broadcaster: Kevin Brown’s Absence Sparks Controversy and Support in Baltimore”

By | August 9, 2023



The Baltimore Orioles have suspended broadcaster Kevin Brown for allegedly violating team guidelines. Brown had been praised for his narration of the team’s resurgence, but his suspension has been met with backlash from fans and the broadcasting community. Owner John Angelos’ decision to discipline Brown over a seemingly innocuous statistic reflects poorly on the club and its handling of criticism. Despite the controversy, Brown is expected to return to the team soon and continue his successful career as a broadcaster. Gabe Lacques reported

In early August, the Baltimore Orioles, who currently hold the best record in the American League, faced the defending World Series champions, the Houston Astros, in a highly anticipated game at Camden Yards. The Orioles had numerous storylines to ponder, such as the transition of former shortstop Jorge Mateo to center field and the progress of rookie Grayson Rodriguez towards a spot in the postseason rotation. There was also intrigue surrounding Astros pitcher Framber Valdez, who had recently thrown consecutive no-hitters. However, amidst the excitement surrounding the team, a cloud hung over Oriole Park due to the absence of Kevin Brown, the team’s beloved broadcaster.

Brown had been suspended since July 23, reportedly for a violation that many consider to be a trivial reason to discipline an on-air talent. His suspension was a decision made by a club official, likely owner John Angelos, who seemingly cannot tolerate any negative comments about the team. This suspension has sparked a backlash within the broadcasting community, where Brown is highly respected, as well as among Orioles fans who consider him an integral part of the team’s identity.

It is important to note that Brown is not just a young broadcaster starting out in his career. He also covers ACC football games, the women’s College World Series, and various other sports for ESPN. His absence from the Orioles’ broadcasts has gone largely unnoticed by casual viewers, as the team frequently rotates announcers and Brown’s football duties will soon resume. However, those who recognize Brown’s talent and dedication to the job have taken notice of his suspension.

The reaction to Brown’s suspension highlights a power dynamic that has shifted within the organization. The Orioles, once a struggling team, have undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Under new management, the team has become charismatic, talented, and poised for a bright future. Yet, despite this success, owner John Angelos appears to be unable to handle any criticism or negative statistics regarding the team.

This incident is not the first time Angelos has displayed this unwillingness to accept reality. In a previous game against the San Diego Padres, club broadcasters were instructed not to mention the former Orioles player Manny Machado, despite his significant contributions to the team’s success in the past. However, the crowd still gave Machado a standing ovation, highlighting the inability of Angelos to control public sentiment.

Ironically, Angelos now has the facts on his side, as the Orioles are currently performing exceptionally well and are on track to make their first playoff appearance in seven years. However, moments before a recent game, discontent among fans was evident as a young supporter held a sign demanding the return of Kevin Brown, and chants of “Free Kevin Brown!” echoed through the stadium. Despite this, Brown is expected to return to the team soon and will likely handle the situation with grace and professionalism.

As Brown’s career continues to flourish, he may eventually outgrow his role with the Orioles. Angelos’s petty actions may inadvertently contribute to this outcome, as employees often feel compelled to move on when faced with unnecessary hostility..