“WWE Founder Vince McMahon Hit with Federal Subpoena and Search Warrant in Sexual Misconduct Case”

By | August 2, 2023



Professional wrestling mogul Vince McMahon has been served with a federal subpoena and search warrant in connection to allegations that he paid millions of dollars to silence sexual misconduct claims. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) founder confirmed that the company’s investigation into the claims concluded at the end of 2022, while federal authorities continue their probe. WWE stated that it has received legal demands for documents from regulators and law enforcement. The investigation is not expected to impact the $21 billion merger between WWE and Endeavor Group Holdings. McMahon is currently on medical leave following spinal surgery. Brian Niemietz reported

Professional Wrestling Honcho Vince McMahon Subpoenaed in Connection to Sexual Misconduct Claims

Professional wrestling mogul Vince McMahon has been hit with a federal subpoena and search warrant in connection to allegations that he paid millions of dollars to silence sexual misconduct claims. The founder of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has faced scrutiny over these claims, prompting a federal investigation into the matter.

WWE confirmed on Wednesday that its own internal investigation into the claims involving the 77-year-old entrepreneur concluded at the end of 2022. However, federal authorities continue to look into the allegations. “On July 17, 2023, federal law enforcement agents executed a search warrant and served a federal grand jury subpoena on Mr. McMahon,” the WWE stated in an SEC filing. It is important to note that no charges have been brought against McMahon in relation to these investigations.

As part of the ongoing investigation, federal regulators and law enforcement agencies have demanded both voluntary and compulsory legal documents from WWE. Despite this, the sports entertainment brand does not anticipate any impact on its $21 billion merger with Endeavor Group Holdings, the parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

WWE also announced that McMahon has been on medical leave since July 21, following spinal surgery. However, he plans to resume his duties as the company’s executive chairman once he recovers. McMahon had previously stated in April that he intended to maintain this role after the merger, envisioning his repositioned brand as an “entertainment powerhouse” with a fan base exceeding a billion people.

In June 2022, McMahon announced his stepping away from WWE, tweeting, “At 77, time for me to retire. Thank you, WWE Universe. Then. Now. Forever. Together.” Consequently, he relinquished the CEO position to his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, amid an internal investigation that revealed he had paid $12 million in hush money to multiple women who accused him of misconduct. However, in January, still holding a majority stock ownership, McMahon reassumed control of WWE, displacing his daughter. Stephanie McMahon tweeted her gratitude for the opportunity to step aside, stating, “Thank you for everything. Then. Now. Forever. Together.”


As part of the resolution, McMahon agreed to reimburse WWE millions of dollars for “reasonable costs” incurred during the investigation into the allegations against him. However, it remains uncertain whether his debt to WWE will increase as the federal inquiry continues.

In response to the ongoing investigation, WWE issued a statement to the Daily News, stating, “We believe this is a continuation of the investigation that commenced last summer. WWE has cooperated throughout and fully understands and respects the government’s need for a complete process.” McMahon also released a statement denying any intentional wrongdoing, highlighting that he had already undergone an independent internal investigation at WWE. He expressed confidence that federal authorities would absolve him of any impropriety. “I am focused on completing the recovery process from my recent spinal surgery and on closing our transaction with Endeavor, which will create one of the preeminent global sports and entertainment brands,” McMahon affirmed.

As the investigation into the sexual misconduct claims involving Vince McMahon unfolds, the wrestling industry and fans worldwide await further developments.