“Deadly Food Bug in Spain Linked to Omelettes: Victims Warned”

By | August 1, 2023



Holidaymakers in Spain have been cautioned about a dangerous food bug found in popular supermarket omelettes. Several cases of botulism poisoning have been linked to these omelettes in tourist hotspots. Botulism is a potentially fatal illness caused by consuming food contaminated with the botulinum toxin. Symptoms include paralysis and difficulty breathing. The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition has reported cases in various regions of Spain. The company responsible for the omelettes has recalled its product and halted production. It is also possible that the contaminated products have been distributed to France and Portugal. Isabel Shaw reported

Holidaymakers planning to visit Spain this summer have been alerted to a dangerous food bug that has been discovered in a popular local dish. Spanish officials have linked several cases of botulism, a potentially fatal illness, to pre-packaged supermarket omelettes. The toxins found in these omelettes can cause paralysis and even death. As of July 24, 2023, there have been five confirmed and four probable cases of botulism reported.

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) has stated that the infections have occurred in various regions of the country, including Galicia, Asturias, Valencia, Madrid, and Andalusia. In addition, Italy has recorded two cases of botulism linked to Spanish omelettes consumed in Spain. All cases were traced back to the consumption of pre-cooked potato omelettes purchased from different supermarkets and brands.

The company responsible for producing the omelettes connected to the infections, Grupo Empresarial Palacios Alimentación, has issued a recall of their products and halted production. It is believed that some contaminated products may have also been distributed to France and Portugal. So far this year, Spain has reported 21 other suspected cases of botulism.

Spanish officials have emphasized the importance of properly preserving foods, especially during the summer heat. They have advised consumers to keep packaged Spanish omelette products refrigerated. Symptoms of botulism can take a few hours or several days to develop and may include drooping eyelids, blurred vision, facial muscle weakness, difficulty swallowing, slurred speech, breathing difficulties, and, in babies, a weak cry, difficulty feeding, and a floppy head, neck, and limbs.

Botulism is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. If you suspect you or someone else has been affected, it is crucial to call emergency services or go to the nearest A&E. While treatment cannot reverse paralysis that has already occurred, it can prevent further deterioration. In most cases, paralysis that developed before treatment will gradually improve over the following weeks or months..


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