“Mysterious Death: Body Found in Barrel at Malibu Beach”

By | August 1, 2023



A man’s body was found inside a plastic barrel at a beach in Malibu, California. The body was discovered by a lifeguard who spotted the unusual item floating offshore. Homicide investigators are examining the circumstances surrounding the man’s death. The body did not appear to be significantly decomposed, and there were no indications of violence. The barrel had been floating in the lagoon for an unknown period of time before being retrieved. The beach will remain open except for the crime scene. Taylor Romine and Elizabeth Wolfe, CNN reported

Man’s Body Found Inside Plastic Barrel at Malibu Beach

Unusual Discovery Made by Lifeguard Offshore

A shocking incident unfolded at Malibu Lagoon State Beach in California when a lifeguard spotted an unusual item floating offshore and discovered a man’s body inside a plastic barrel. Lieutenant Hugo Reynaga from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced the distressing find on Monday.

The body was found inside a 55-liter black drum, and investigators are now examining the circumstances surrounding the death of the unidentified black adult. The sheriff’s department stated that the body did not appear to be significantly decomposed, although the duration it spent inside the container remains unknown.

Despite the grim discovery, there were no signs of violence or blood spatter on the barrel, according to Lieutenant Reynaga. The investigation began after a state park maintenance worker initially spotted the large drum floating in the lagoon on Sunday afternoon. The worker managed to retrieve it using a kayak, but the high tide overnight caused it to be swept back into the water.

On Monday morning, a lifeguard swam out to retrieve the barrel once again. Upon opening it on the shore, the lifeguard found a non-responsive person inside. Tragically, the man was pronounced dead on the beach by paramedics and deputies who were called to the scene.

Although it remains unclear how long the container had been floating in the lagoon before it was first retrieved, the sheriff’s department has received multiple reports from individuals who claim to have seen it over the weekend. California State Parks spokesperson Jorge Moreno assured that the beach will remain open, except for the crime scene.



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