“Erykah Badu’s Surprise Meeting with John Boyega at Concert”

By | July 30, 2023



R&B icon Erykah Badu expressed her crush on actor John Boyega during a concert in Atlanta. She asked the audience to deliver her message to Boyega, calling him “fine” and praising his age. To her surprise, Boyega walked onstage during her performance and hugged her. Badu continued to chat with Boyega during the concert, even offering him a VIP invitation to hang out. The encounter took place while Badu was singing her rerecorded version of “Tyrone” for Boyega’s Netflix film “They Cloned Tyrone.” The film, released earlier this month, follows a group of characters trying to save their neighborhood from becoming clones in a government experiment. Edward Segarra reported

From Erykah Badu’s Lips to Cupid’s Ears: Her Crush on John Boyega Comes True

During a recent concert in Atlanta, R&B icon Erykah Badu confessed her infatuation with actor John Boyega, known for his role in “The Woman King.” In a video shared by Netflix’s “Strong Black Lead” Instagram account, Badu expressed her desire for someone in the audience to deliver a message to Boyega. She playfully addressed the crowd, saying, “If anybody ever sees John Boyega, tell him I said hi. And it’s a lot of people in the audience − that’s why I wanted to say that. ‘Cause there’s enough of y’all for one of y’all to get the message to the man, right?”

Badu couldn’t help but gush about the 31-year-old actor, praising his looks and wondering about his age. She exclaimed, “How old is he? He’s under 30? Hell yeah! That’s what I’m talking about.” Little did she know that her wish was about to come true.

Moments later, to Badu’s surprise and delight, John Boyega walked onstage during her performance of the hit song “Tyrone.” This song had been re-recorded by Badu for Boyega’s Netflix action comedy, “They Cloned Tyrone.” The sight of Boyega left Badu momentarily speechless before she embraced him in a warm hug.

Despite being in the middle of her concert, Badu didn’t let the opportunity slip away to chat with Boyega. While continuing to sing, she engaged in a conversation with the actor, asking him if he was from Atlanta. Boyega, clearly enjoying the interaction, joined in the playful banter.

As the meeting came to an end, Badu extended a special VIP invitation to Boyega, inviting him to hang out with her after the show. She said, “I’m going back to the bus later on. After the show, of course. I’ve got to finish this. Then we’re going to go back to the bus. Is that all right? They’ll give you the key.”


‘They Cloned Tyrone’: John Boyega’s Latest Project

“They Cloned Tyrone,” released earlier this month, features John Boyega alongside Jamie Foxx and Teyonah Parris. The film follows the characters of Fontaine, Slick Charles, and Yo-Yo, respectively, as they try to save the residents of their neighborhood, The Glen, from becoming clones in an underground governmental experiment aimed at controlling Black people. Boyega described the movie as a blend of Blaxploitation, mystery, and comedy in an interview with USA TODAY.

John Boyega is known for his dedication to breaking through glass ceilings in Hollywood. In addition to “The Woman King” and “They Cloned Tyrone,” he has several other exciting projects in the works, showcasing his talent and versatility as an actor.

In conclusion, Erykah Badu’s crush on John Boyega turned into a dream come true during her Atlanta concert. The unexpected meeting between the two stars added an extra touch of magic to the evening, leaving fans in awe. With their mutual admiration and talent, who knows what future collaborations may arise between these two influential artists.


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