Kidscents Refresh Essential Oil for Winter Wellness” : “Kidscents Refresh: Breathe Easier with Pre-Diluted Coconut Oil

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“Maximize Kidscents Refresh for Easier Breathing in Cooler Months, Pre-Diluted with Coconut Oil”

Kidscents Refresh: Breathe Easier during the Cooler Months

As the weather starts to chill, it’s not uncommon for the air to become stuffier and for our respiratory systems to feel the strain. This can be particularly challenging for children, who may not be able to articulate their discomfort. Enter Kidscents Refresh, a pre-diluted essential oil blend that’s ready to help make breathing easier during the cooler months.

What is Kidscents Refresh?

Kidscents Refresh is a blend of natural essential oils, pre-diluted with coconut oil. This blend has been specifically formulated with children in mind, but is effective for adults as well. It’s a natural remedy designed to help refresh the environment and make breathing easier, particularly during the colder season when the air can become stuffy and uncomfortable.

How to Use Kidscents Refresh

One of the key advantages of Kidscents Refresh is its ease of use. It’s pre-diluted with coconut oil which makes it safe and ready to apply directly to your child’s chest and neck before bedtime. This application method helps to promote easier breathing throughout the night, contributing to a better quality of sleep for your little one.

Another great way to use Kidscents Refresh is by adding it to a diffuser. This allows the refreshing aroma of the essential oils to permeate the environment, helping to clear stuffiness and promote a more comfortable breathing space. Whether it’s in your child’s bedroom or the living room, a diffused Kidscents Refresh can significantly improve the air quality during the winter months.

Kidscents Refresh: Not Just for Kids

While Kidscents Refresh has been formulated with kids in mind, it’s not exclusively for them. Adults can also benefit from this refreshing blend of essential oils. Whether you’re looking to breathe easier during sleep or want to refresh a stuffy environment, Kidscents Refresh can be a valuable addition to your winter wellness routine.


Winter doesn’t have to mean discomfort and stuffy environments. With Kidscents Refresh, a blend of natural essential oils pre-diluted with coconut oil, you can help your family breathe easier during the cooler months. Easy to apply and safe for both kids and adults, it’s a natural way to improve air quality and comfort this winter season.



Always remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new health product or regimen, especially for children. While essential oils can offer numerous benefits, they should be used responsibly and under the guidance of a professional.

Breathe easier during the cooler months with Kidscents Refresh.
Pre diluted with coconut oil ready to apply it to your child’s chest and neck before bedtime.
Add to diffuser to refresh stuffy environment
Not just for kids 😉
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