“San Mateo Woman Stabbed to Death, Suspect Posts Video on Facebook”

A man allegedly stabbed a woman to death in San Mateo, California and posted a video of the slaying on Facebook. The footage helped police track down the suspect, who was later identified as Mark Mechikoff. He was arrested about 30 miles away from where the victim was found dead in a San Mateo apartment complex. The motive for the stabbing is still under investigation. The victim has been identified as Claribel Estrella. Mechikoff will be charged with murder with an enhancement for using a knife. His arraignment is scheduled for Friday afternoon. GV Wire – Explore. Explain. Expose reported

Man Allegedly Murders Woman and Shares Video on Facebook

In a shocking incident in San Mateo, a man is accused of stabbing a woman to death in the San Francisco Bay Area on Wednesday, before posting a disturbing video of the slaying on Facebook. Authorities have confirmed the incident and are investigating the motive behind the brutal crime.

San Mateo Stabbling

After an extensive search by the San Mateo police, the lifeless body of Claribel Estrella, the victim of a stabbing, was discovered on Wednesday, July 26, 2023. (Facebook/San Mateo PD)

The horrifying video footage played a crucial role in apprehending the suspect, who has been identified as Mark Mechikoff, a 39-year-old individual. Following the incident, Mechikoff shared the video on Facebook, which aided the police in locating him. He was arrested approximately 30 miles away from the crime scene, in a San Mateo apartment complex.

San Mateo police stated, “While the motive for stabbing the victim is still under investigation, we do know Mechikoff mercilessly filmed the last moments of the victim’s life and posted the video to Facebook, then fled the area.”

The victim, Claribel Estrella, tragically lost her life in the incident. The San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office intends to press charges against Mechikoff for murder, with an added charge for using a knife as a weapon.

Mechikoff’s arraignment has been scheduled for Friday afternoon, during which an attorney will be assigned to represent him, according to a statement by District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe.

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada was alerted to the stabbing when a concerned individual reported the video on Facebook. By tracking the phone number associated with the account, the sheriff’s office was able to trace it back to a large San Mateo apartment complex. After a thorough search, officers discovered Estrella’s body nearly three hours later inside one of the units. Although Mechikoff was acquainted with the victim, authorities have not disclosed the nature of their relationship.

Mechikoff was apprehended two hours later in the city of San Jose on suspicion of committing homicide.