“Deadly Shooting at Davis-Linden Building: Victim Identified as Randy Allen”

By | July 28, 2023



Body and cruiser camera video has been released showing police responding to a deadly shooting at the Davis-Linden Building in Dayton. The footage reveals officers arriving on scene and checking on the shooting victim before sprinting towards the building. A standoff ensued, with five SWAT teams being called in to clear the building. Eventually, police received information that led them to a Great Clips in Centerville, where they took a man into custody. However, he was released without being charged. Dayton Police and the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office have been contacted for further information. shooting-investigation/HB24JBV3BRDANKSJ24Q5KA2PFA/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>WHIO Staff reported

Body and Cruiser Camera Footage Reveals Police Response to Deadly shooting in Dayton

News Center 7 has obtained exclusive body and cruiser camera video capturing the response of police to a fatal shooting at the Davis-Linden Building. This is the first footage released in six weeks since the incident occurred on June 17.

The shooting triggered a massive emergency response, and the newly-revealed video sheds light on the initial moments of the incident. The cruiser camera footage depicts a Dayton Police K-9 unit arriving at the scene, accompanied by the dog’s intense barking. Another officer is already present, and together they rush to check on the shooting victim, identified as 45-year-old Randy Allen.

After assessing Allen’s condition, the officers and additional personnel quickly move towards the Davis-Linden Building, located at the intersection of Davis and Linden Avenues. The body camera footage captures an officer stating, “We’ve been advised there’s a shooter inside here.”

Initially, the officers anticipated a swift arrest, but their expectations were not met. Consequently, an hours-long standoff ensued, prompting the deployment of five SWAT teams to clear the building.

Rick Wallis, who was present in his business within the building during the incident, described the tense situation, saying, “I finally looked out the window and looked into three rifles.” Eventually, Wallis was escorted out of the premises, and no gunman was found inside.

However, the investigation uncovered information suggesting that the alleged gunman was located at a Great Clips salon in Centerville. Body camera footage reveals the moment when officers from multiple departments stormed into the salon and apprehended the suspect.

The arrested individual was released within 48 hours without any charges filed against him. News Center 7 has reached out to the Dayton Police for an interview and additional footage that could provide further insights into the events of that day. Furthermore, attempts have been made to contact the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office for information regarding their review of the case. Responses are currently pending.