“18-Year-Old Woman Found Dead in Home of Man Accused of Killing Repairman”

Police have found the body of an 18-year-old woman while searching the home of a man accused of killing a repairman with a screwdriver in Chicago. Brandon Sanders was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, residential burglary, and forcible murder for the death of a 69-year-old man. The victim, Rasim Katanic, was a Bosnian immigrant who worked as an HVAC contractor. Sanders also allegedly called the FBI and claimed he wanted to “overthrow the government” on the same day as the stabbing. Sanders is currently being held without bond in Cook County Jail. True Crime Daily Staff reported



CHICAGO (TCD) — Authorities have reportedly found the body of a young woman during a search of a suspect’s home, who is already accused of killing a repairman using the victim’s own screwdriver. The incident took place in Chicago’s Little India neighborhood.

Brandon Sanders, the suspect, was apprehended on charges of first-degree murder, residential burglary, and forcible murder. The victim, Rasim Katanic, a Bosnian immigrant working as an HVAC contractor, was fatally stabbed on May 12.

The victim has been identified as Rasim Katanic, a Bosnian immigrant who worked as an HVAC contractor, as per reports by WLS-TV.

The incident occurred while Katanic was working on a job on the roof of Tahoora Sweets & Bakery. Sanders allegedly approached the victim and fatally stabbed him.

Another disturbing discovery was made at Sanders’ residence in West Ridge. The police found the body of Iman Al-Sarraj inside a refrigerator. She showed signs of physical assault.

Sanders has a history of criminal behavior. He was previously arrested in Montana in 2019 on charges of forcing his wife into sex trafficking. However, due to COVID-19 risks, his wife, a German citizen, returned to Germany, and the case was dropped.

Prior to this incident, Sanders had pleaded guilty to assaulting an ex-girlfriend by choking her after hiding in her car.

On the day of Katanic’s stabbing, Sanders reportedly made a call to the FBI’s National Threat Operations Center, expressing his desire to \”overthrow the government.\” Surveillance footage captured Sanders in a courtyard before he ascended a staircase to the roof and committed the murder.

The following day, Sanders allegedly broke into a college student’s apartment using the same screwdriver used in the previous murder. He shaved and changed his clothes, put his boots in the oven, and placed Katanic’s wallet on a table. Sanders then went to a furniture store where he worked and encountered his uncle, who became concerned and alerted the police.

After these events, Sanders returned to Evanston, where he approached a police officer and requested to be taken to the hospital.

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