Justice Delayed: Mother of Victim Morgan Kay Harris Frustrated as Charges Still Not Filed Against Negligent Homicide Suspect

By | February 22, 2024



– Murray man locks woman in fatal storage fire
– Charges filed after Murray man locks woman in fatal storage fire.

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Mother of Victim in Murray Storage Unit Fire Still Waiting for Justice

Laurice Williamson cannot go a day without thinking about her daughter, Morgan Kay Harris, who tragically lost her life in a storage unit fire in Murray, Utah, one year ago on February 18.

Williamson expressed her deep grief, saying, “I have not gone one day without crying because I miss my daughter and the way she died was so horrific. I can’t even let my mind think about the things that could’ve prevented it because it’s just maddening.”

At the time of the incident, Harris, who was 27 years old, and her dog were trapped inside the storage unit when the fire broke out. The perpetrator, identified as Wardell, admitted to closing the unit with the victim and her dog inside before leaving the area on foot. Unfortunately, both Harris and her dog perished in the blaze.

Delayed Justice

Despite Wardell being arrested for negligent homicide and kidnapping in connection to Harris’s death, charges have yet to be filed against him over a year later. He is currently serving a prison sentence for unrelated charges, including domestic violence-related offenses.


Williamson expressed frustration over the delay in filing charges, saying, “I’ve kind of been able to just take a deep breath and relax knowing at least he’s behind bars, but it is frustrating knowing the investigation was over a month ago, and I was told that the DA has all the information and I would be contacted, and I haven’t been. I don’t know when charges will be filed, I don’t know what charges are going to be filed.”

Salt Lake County District Attorney, Sim Gill, cited various factors that can affect the screening process for filing charges, including the available evidence, witnesses, and additional investigation requested by prosecutors.

Call for Action

As Williamson continues to seek justice for her daughter, she is urging lawmakers to implement more legislation to protect domestic violence victims. She also calls on the community to take action and support victims of domestic violence.

She stated, “It’s been disheartening as I’ve tried to make people aware of what happened and what we can do to change it. There are very few people that will step up and actually do something like show up to the courthouse when he’s about to be released, or write to their senators. Until you’ve been affected by it, you don’t feel that it’s relevant or you’re not even aware of the problems.”

As Williamson waits for justice to be served, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of accountability and hopes that her daughter’s tragic story will inspire change in the community.


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