Obituary – Cause of Death : “Death of MMF on Cronos: Dismal METF and Lack of Focus on Existing Ecosystems”

By | December 17, 2023



Title: MMF on Cronos Faces Decline, METF Struggles to Assess Ecosystem Health


In a recent tweet by Average Retail Investor (@RetailSchmetail), concerns have been raised regarding the declining popularity of MMF on Cronos and the inefficiency of METF in gauging the health of the ecosystem. While the exact cause of MMF’s demise remains unknown, this article aims to shed light on the current situation surrounding MMF and METF, as well as the potential implications for the existing ecosystems.

MMF on Cronos: A Death in Popularity

MMF, short for MetaMegaFantasy, once held a prominent position within the blockchain gaming industry on the Cronos platform. However, recent developments have pointed towards a significant decline in its popularity. Retail investors and users have expressed their disappointment in the MMF team’s decision to focus on rolling out the same products on other chains, neglecting their already established ecosystems.

The disengagement of the MMF team from Cronos has led to a decrease in user activity and a lack of updates, ultimately resulting in the fading popularity and eventual death of MMF on Cronos. The direct consequences of this decline are still being assessed, but the impact on the ecosystem is undoubtedly significant.


METF: Struggles to Assess Ecosystem Health

METF, or MetaEcosystemTrackingFund, was designed to monitor and evaluate the health of various ecosystems within the blockchain gaming industry. However, concerns have been raised about the efficiency and accuracy of METF in fulfilling its intended purpose. @RetailSchmetail aptly describes METF as “garbo,” implying its inability to provide a comprehensive analysis of ecosystem conditions.

The failure of METF to accurately gauge the health of the ecosystem has left investors and users in a state of uncertainty. Without reliable data and insights, it becomes increasingly challenging to make informed decisions and investments within the Cronos platform. The lack of transparency and accountability from the METF team further compounds this issue, raising doubts about the overall reliability of the system.

Legacy and Future Prospects

Despite the current decline of MMF on Cronos and the inefficiency of METF, it is important to note that the deceased’s biography or legacy remains unknown. While the demise of MMF may be disheartening to its loyal user base, it also presents an opportunity for reflection and improvement within the blockchain gaming industry.

Moving forward, it is crucial for the MMF team to realign their focus on their existing ecosystems, particularly Cronos, to regain trust and reignite interest among users. By prioritizing consistent updates, addressing user concerns, and fostering a transparent environment, MMF can potentially revive its popularity and contribute to the growth of the Cronos platform.

Furthermore, METF must address the concerns raised by investors and users regarding its efficacy in assessing ecosystem health. Improving data accuracy, transparency, and accountability will be essential in restoring faith in the system. By leveraging user feedback and implementing necessary changes, METF can regain its position as a reliable tool for ecosystem evaluation.


The declining popularity of MMF on Cronos and the inefficiency of METF in assessing ecosystem health have raised concerns among retail investors and users. While the exact cause of MMF’s decline remains unknown, it is crucial for both MMF and METF teams to address the issues at hand to restore trust and revive interest within the ecosystem. By prioritizing transparency, consistent updates, and user feedback, these platforms can pave the way for a brighter future in the blockchain gaming industry..


@RetailSchmetail said @almightyrainz @MadMeerkatNFT @cronos_chain If only the MMF team would stop rolling out the same products on other chains and just focus on their already existing ecosystems, MMF on Cronos has died off, METF which is supposed to gauge the health of the eco is garbo.