“Is Jamaluddin Jarjis Son dead? Son of late MP denies death rumors”

By | August 18, 2023



Ikwan Hafiz, son of late MP Jamaluddin Jarjis, denies rumors of his death in a plane crash. He criticizes media for spreading unverified news and causing distress to his family. The plane crash on Guthrie Highway resulted in the deaths of the drivers of a car and motorcycle, but there is no evidence linking Hafiz to the incident. This is not the first aviation tragedy for Hafiz’s family, as his father died in a helicopter crash in 2015. SarkariResult reported

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Denial of Jamaluddin Jarjis Son’s Death: Son of the late MP, Ikwan Hafiz, refutes reports of his demise in a plane crash

Recent reports from various media outlets alleged that Ikwan Hafiz, the son of the late MP Jamaluddin Jarjis, had tragically perished in an airplane accident. This unverified information about Ikwan Hafiz’s supposed death quickly gained traction and spread rapidly across online platforms. Surprisingly, Ikwan Hafiz himself had to personally address these false death rumors, condemning the irresponsible behavior of the media that disseminated the news without proper fact-checking. The news of Jamaluddin Jarjis’s son’s alleged demise prompted an outpouring of grief on social media, with many expressing condolences to the late MP’s family. Now, let’s delve into the origins of this misinformation about Ikwan Hafiz’s death. Read on to discover more details.

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The Truth Behind Jamaluddin Jarjis Son’s Alleged Death

Ikwan Hafiz categorically denied the death rumors, clarifying that he did not lose his life in a plane crash. The circulating rumors falsely claimed that Jamaluddin Jarjis’s son had met with a fatal air accident in Selangor. Ikwan expressed his disappointment with certain media organizations for hastily and irresponsibly circulating unconfirmed news. He stated, “Releasing such news without proper verification has led to unwarranted speculation, causing distress to our family.” To gain a deeper understanding of Hafiz’s perspective, continue reading below.

Furthermore, Ikwan Hafiz made a public appeal, urging individuals to refrain from spreading unfounded assertions and false information. As for the plane crash incident, it occurred on the Guthrie Highway and involved a total of 8 individuals on board, including two crew members. Unfortunately, the small aircraft collided with a car and a motorcycle during the crash. Tragically, it has been reported that both the car and motorcycle drivers also lost their lives in this unfortunate accident. For a more detailed account of the incident, keep scrolling.

The Beechcraft Model 390 small aircraft involved in the Guthrie Highway crash has been identified. However, there are no official sources confirming Ikwan Hafiz as one of the casualties in this accident. Despite the lack of substantial evidence, several media outlets prematurely endorsed and propagated these baseless claims. It is worth noting that Hafiz’s father, Jamaluddin, a former minister of science, technology, and innovation, tragically lost his life in a separate aviation accident. In 2015, the Dauphin 9M-IGB helicopter carrying Jamaluddin crashed in a rubber plantation in Kampung Pasir Baru, Sungai Pening, Semenyih. Sadly, along with Jamaluddin, five other individuals perished in that accident. Stay tuned to this website for further updates and additional information.