“Beloved Musician Killed in Unsolved Minneapolis Mass Shooting”

By | August 18, 2023



Four survivors of a mass shooting at a DIY punk venue in Minneapolis are sharing their experiences. They recall a night of creativity turning into a nightmare as gunshots rang out. One person was killed and six others were injured in the shooting. The witnesses believe the incident was motivated by queerphobia. Police are still investigating the case, but the survivors express skepticism about the outcome. In response to the shooting, one local bar has increased security measures. shooting-queerphobic-violence/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Allen Henry reported

New information has emerged regarding an unresolved mass shooting that took place in Minneapolis. The incident occurred at a DIY punk venue called Nudieland, where four survivors have come forward to share their harrowing experiences. The night began with a sense of creativity and inclusivity but quickly turned into a nightmare.

Mike Wilson and Felix Jardine, both members of different bands performing at Nudieland, had just finished their shows and were socializing when they suddenly heard gunshots. They found themselves standing outside next to their friend August, who tragically lost his life in the shooting. Wilson recounted the terrifying moments, stating, “I ran and hid behind the garage, and then the shots stopped. And there was a lot more screaming. And I ran to see if Mike was OK.” Jardine added, “And they were with August, and August was bleeding out really fast. There are people on the ground, just complete chaos, it was a total nightmare.” Seven people were shot, and unfortunately, August Golden did not survive.

August Golden was a beloved musician who was always present at events and shows. Jardine expressed his deep admiration for Golden, saying, “He was just one of those people that was always there. Any show, any kind of event, he was there, and I loved his presence so much.”

Aaron Dively and Quinn McClurg were also present during the shooting. Dively described Golden and the others affected as “such a bright light in everyone’s lives,” emphasizing the devastating nature of the incident. McClurg highlighted the importance of Nudieland as a safe space for the punk, queer, and trans communities.

Despite nearly a week passing since the shooting, the police have not made any arrests. However, they have stated that investigators are developing strong leads and that the shooting stemmed from an escalated interaction at the event. Every witness interviewed by WCCO believes that the interaction was fueled by queerphobia. Dively explained that two individuals entered the venue and began hitting on people who were not interested. After being confronted and told to stop, they became increasingly violent and resorted to their violent actions.

While those present that night hope that the shooters will be held accountable, they express a lack of confidence in the police’s commitment to the case. Wilson admitted, “I would love to be proved wrong, but I don’t really trust police to care enough.”

Following the Nudieland shooting, at least one bar in downtown Minneapolis, The Eagle, has increased its security measures. The decision was made in preparation for the upcoming Gay Softball World Series at the end of the month.

It is essential for the community to see justice served in this tragic incident, but there are concerns about the police’s dedication to the case. The survivors and witnesses of the shooting at Nudieland are hopeful that the responsible individuals will be held accountable..