“Katy-Area Man Identified as Homicide Victim in UC Berkeley Campus Remains Case”

By | August 17, 2023



The remains found near UC Berkeley have been identified as Steven Lawrence McCreary, a man from Katy, Texas who is believed to be a victim of homicide. The campus police department is seeking the public’s help in providing information about the case. McCreary’s death is suspected to have occurred many years ago, and he was known to travel around the country. UC Berkeley police are asking anyone who interacted with McCreary to come forward with information. ABC13 Houston reported

The remains discovered in an unoccupied building near the UC Berkeley campus earlier this year have been positively identified as belonging to a man from Katy, Texas. The UC Berkeley Police Department has classified his death as a homicide and is now seeking the public’s cooperation in providing any relevant information.

The UC Berkeley Police Department released a statement revealing that the DNA evidence matched the remains to Steven Lawrence McCreary, born on October 8, 1972. The Alameda County Coroner’s Office determined that McCreary’s death was the result of a violent crime, based on the condition of the analyzed bones. The authorities have also determined that the incident occurred several years ago. At the time of his disappearance, McCreary was approximately 37 years old and known to be alive in 2009.

It is worth noting that McCreary had no affiliation with UC Berkeley, and his origins can be traced back to Texas, with records indicating that his parents reside in Katy. McCreary was known to travel extensively across the country, often relying on trains or hitchhiking. Although he had spent some time in the San Francisco Bay Area, he did not have a fixed place of residence there.

McCreary’s parents, who currently reside in Katy, expressed their shock and grief but declined to provide an on-camera statement. They revealed that their last encounter with McCreary occurred during Christmas in 2008 and early 2009 when they bought him a ticket to San Francisco. The family relocated to Katy from Tennessee in 1982 after McCreary’s father secured a position with the Houston Police Department.

The family had been searching for McCreary for many years before his remains were discovered. They mentioned that he had a tendency to move from one city to another without notice but would consistently reach out on his birthday and during holidays. McCreary had a passion for travel and camping.

McCreary’s father admitted that he had always harbored concerns about his son’s well-being but never anticipated that he would fall victim to such a tragic fate. The UC Berkeley Police Department received information regarding the skeletal remains in January 2023 and promptly dispatched officers to the scene. However, the details were not publicly disclosed until now to ensure the identification process, notification of next of kin, and safeguarding the integrity of the ongoing investigation.

UCPD is now urging anyone who had any form of interaction with McCreary to come forward and assist in shedding light on his case. Those with information are encouraged to contact UCPD Detective Sergeant Jon Caires at (510) 642-0482 or jcaires@berkeley.edu, as well as Detective Mitch Levi at (510) 642-3658 or mlevi@berkeley.edu..