“St. Louis Man Charged with Child Pornography, Assault, and Abuse of Two Juvenile Victims”

By | August 16, 2023



A 37-year-old man from St. Louis, Courtney Buffkins, is facing charges of child pornography and sexual assault in Marion County. Buffkins was already held on other felony charges, including aggravated kidnapping and sexual abuse, in connection with one victim. However, further evidence found on Buffkins’ phones led to the discovery of a second victim. Buffkins had previously pleaded guilty to misdemeanor obstructing identity and had also been sentenced for criminal sexual abuse in Cumberland County. He is currently in custody in Marion County Jail. A pretrial hearing is scheduled for August 29th. Bruce Kropp reported

A 37-year-old man from St. Louis has recently been accused of five counts of child pornography related to a reported second female juvenile victim in Marion County. Courtney Buffkins is also facing charges of Class X child pornography, as well as aggravated criminal sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving the original alleged victim.

Buffkins was already in custody for seven other felony charges connected to the first alleged victim, including aggravated kidnapping and various sexual abuse and assault charges. These incidents occurred over a span of at least five days in the Marion County area, starting in early 2020 and continuing until his arrest at a Salem motel in November 2021.

Further examination of the contents on Buffkins’ multiple phones revealed new evidence. The Class X child pornography charge, which pertains to the initial victim, alleges that Buffkins recorded a video of himself engaging in sexual activity with the girl. The six additional charges involve explicit images of a sexual nature featuring the second alleged victim, who has now been identified in the case.

Buffkins’ jury trial for five out of the seven previously filed charges was originally scheduled for this week but was postponed until September 12th. Prosecuting attorney Hudspeth initially decided not to pursue the aggravated kidnapping and aggravated criminal sexual abuse charge related to Buffkins’ first encounter with the girl in February or March 2020. However, Hudspeth reserves the right to try those two counts at a later date. The other charges all pertain to incidents allegedly occurring in Salem in October and November 2021. It is unclear whether Buffkins will face trial for the nine new charges in September or if a separate court date will be scheduled.

Previously, Buffkins pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of misdemeanor obstructing identity in Marion County Court. This charge stemmed from his arrest in a Salem motel room with the juvenile girl, during which Buffkins provided a false name. He received a 364-day sentence in the Marion County Jail with credit for time already served.


In addition, Buffkins was sentenced to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty last year to a criminal sexual abuse charge in Cumberland County Court. He also faces pending charges of sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving a juvenile victim in Coles County Court at Charleston.

Buffkins is expected to appear in Marion County Court for a pretrial hearing on August 29th. He is currently held in the Marion County Jail on a $750,000 bond for the charges in Marion County..

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