“Husband of Florida Man Found Dead Now a Suspect in His Murder”

By | August 16, 2023



Timothy Floyd Smith, the executive director of Brookdale Senior Living in Florida, was found dead after a violent attack. His husband, Herbert Swilley, is now considered a suspect in his murder. The sheriff’s office is offering a reward for information and asks the public to come forward. Smith is remembered as a kind and caring individual who brought joy to others. Trudy Ring reported

The spouse of a Florida man who was tragically killed in March has now become a primary suspect in the investigation surrounding his death. Timothy Floyd Smith, a 59-year-old resident of Ocala, was the executive director of Brookdale Senior Living before his life was abruptly cut short in a vicious attack. On March 24, Smith failed to report for work, prompting the Marion County Sheriff’s Office to conduct a wellness check at his residence the following day. Tragically, they discovered his lifeless body, with the details of the attack yet to be disclosed. Authorities are treating this case as a homicide.

The sheriff’s office recently took to Facebook to announce that Herbert Swilley, the victim’s husband, is currently under suspicion for Timothy’s murder. Detectives initially interviewed Swilley during the early stages of the investigation, but their attempts to arrange a follow-up conversation have been met with resistance. Swilley’s attorney has stated that his client will only cooperate if he is granted immunity from prosecution regarding Timothy’s murder. Additionally, Jordan Swilley, Herbert’s daughter, is considered a person of interest in the case. Although she provided a preliminary statement, she has since declined further communication with detectives.

In a bid to gather information that may aid in solving the crime, the sheriff’s office has reached out to the public, offering a reward of up to $14,500. They urge anyone with relevant tips to contact Detective Daniel Pinder at (352) 368-3508 or the nonemergency line of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office at (352) 732-9111. Individuals who prefer to remain anonymous can reach out to Crime Stoppers of Marion County at (352) 368-STOP (7867), citing reference number 23-21.

Smith, who had a positive reputation in Ocala, is fondly remembered by the community. Ocala-News.com notes that he was well-known for hosting events that brought joy to hundreds of people each year, including the highly popular Festival of Trees. His genuine kindness, sincerity, and thoughtfulness endeared him to many. A close friend, Candy Baker, expressed her grief, stating that Smith’s murder has left an immense void in her heart and in the city. She also expressed gratitude for the media’s support and efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Another friend, Sam Draper, remarked that Smith possessed a natural ability to alleviate the suffering of others and bring happiness into their lives, as that was the very essence of his existence. The loss of such an extraordinary individual has deeply affected countless people. Tom James, another close friend, described Smith as someone whose words carried weight and captivated audiences. Furthermore, he highlighted Smith’s exceptional listening skills, emphasizing how he made people feel heard and valued.


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