“Inmate at LaPorte County Jail Dies from Overdose: Jonathon Tripp Identified as Victim”

By | August 16, 2023



An inmate at the LaPorte County Jail in Indiana died last month after overdosing on an illegal narcotic. The inmate, Jonathon Tripp, had been pulled over for a traffic violation and was taken into custody for possession of methamphetamine. He ingested the narcotic during the traffic stop without the deputy’s knowledge. Tripp began exhibiting signs of an overdose several hours after arriving at the jail and died shortly after being taken to the hospital. The cause of death was ruled as an overdose, but the manner of death remains undetermined. 16 News Now Staff reported

The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office has reported that an inmate at the county jail in Indiana died from an overdose after experiencing a medical episode. The incident occurred on July 22, when emergency medical services were called to the jail to assist the inmate, 42-year-old Jonathon Tripp of Argos, who was experiencing an unknown medical problem. Despite being transported to the hospital, Tripp passed away shortly after his arrival.

Following Tripp’s death, an immediate investigation was launched, and the results were released by officials on Wednesday morning. It was determined that Tripp had been pulled over earlier that night for a traffic violation, leading to his arrest for possession of methamphetamine and an outstanding warrant from Elkhart County. Detectives discovered that Tripp had ingested an illegal narcotic during the traffic stop, without the knowledge of the deputy who had apprehended him.

Hours after being admitted to the LaPorte County Jail, Tripp began showing signs of an overdose. Deputies responded promptly and provided aid to Tripp until emergency medical services arrived. An autopsy conducted on July 24 at a regional hospital confirmed that Tripp’s cause of death was indeed an overdose, although the exact manner of his death remains undetermined.

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