“Texas Couple Charged in Killing of Francisco Romero Found Wrapped in Plastic on Their Property”

By | August 14, 2023



A couple in Harris County, Texas, has appeared in court after being charged with murder, aggravated kidnapping, and tampering with evidence of a human corpse. The victim, Francisco Romero, was found dead and wrapped in plastic on their property. The husband admitted to beating Romero with a rifle and a BB gun, while the wife allegedly handed him the wrong weapon. The couple allegedly restrained Romero and fed him through a straw before leaving him to die. Blood evidence at the scene supports their story. The couple’s bonds have been set at $500,000 and $600,000. ABC7 Chicago reported

A photograph depicting a couple, Narciso Banos and Francisca Carrizales, was presented in court after they were charged with the murder of a man whose body was discovered wrapped in plastic on their property in Harris County, Texas. The husband and wife face multiple charges including murder, aggravated kidnapping, and tampering with evidence of a human corpse. The victim, identified as Francisco Romero, was reported missing by his wife, who informed authorities that he was last seen at the suspects’ residence. It was revealed that Romero had been subjected to repeated beatings by the accused couple over a two-day period. When law enforcement arrived at the scene, they discovered Romero’s lifeless body wrapped in black plastic, secured with electrical tape, inside an office building. Cleaning supplies containing bleach were present in the room, along with a mop bucket located just outside. Coincidentally, the couple returned to their property while authorities were present. Banos, acknowledging his involvement, confessed to officials that the body belonged to Romero. He also revealed that he was Romero’s employer. According to Romero’s wife, he had sent her a text stating that he planned to spend the night at Banos’ house and go to work from there. Concerned about her husband’s well-being, she contacted Banos after he failed to answer her calls, suspecting that he might know of Romero’s whereabouts. Banos claimed that Romero was having an affair with his wife, Carrizales, and had physically assaulted him. Banos alleged that Romero had left the property, and he was unsure of his current location. Carrizales contacted Romero’s wife, informing her that she needed to collect her husband’s final paycheck, which raised suspicions since Romero typically received payment through direct deposit. Carrizales also mentioned that she intended to retrieve Romero’s truck and would leave the keys inside for his wife to find. During police interviews, Banos admitted to repeatedly assaulting Romero with a rifle, targeting his head, face, and body. Banos also requested his wife to retrieve a pistol from their home, which he used to further harm Romero. However, Carrizales mistakenly handed Banos a BB gun, which he employed in the assault until it broke, causing the BBs to scatter. Additionally, Banos confessed to biting Romero on the arm and detaining him. Banos further claimed that his wife was present during the assaults, and despite telling Romero to leave, his injuries prevented him from driving, leading him to request to stay on the property. The couple allowed Romero to contact his wife, but when they discovered him still on their premises upon their return from running errands, Banos restrained him with a strap and belt. Subsequently, they found Romero deceased. Rather than seeking medical assistance or notifying emergency services, they wrapped his body in plastic and left him in the office on Friday night. Romero’s phone and wallet were discovered at the crime scene. Carrizales’ bail was set at £500,000, while Banos’ was set at £600,000, with the latter receiving a higher amount due to his admission of using firearms in the assault. Authorities confirmed the presence of blood evidence at the scene, consistent with the events described by the accused couple. Blunt force trauma also played a role in Romero’s death. As part of their bail conditions, the couple must surrender their passports, remain in the area, and have no contact with Romero’s family, including his wife..