“Mother and Son Perish in Tragic Crawford County House Fire”

By | August 14, 2023



A tragic incident occurred in Crawford County as a mother and son lost their lives in a house fire. The fire department received a call about the blaze early Monday morning. The house was already fully engulfed in flames when they arrived. The victims, Ruthnell Jordan, 80, and her son Dennis Jordan, 54, were pronounced dead by the coroner. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The bodies have been sent for autopsy at the GBI crime lab. Micah Johnston reported

According to Randy Pate, the fire chief of Crawford County, a tragic incident occurred early Monday morning, resulting in the loss of a mother and her son in a devastating house fire. The Crawford fire department promptly responded to a distress call at approximately 5 a.m., reporting a residential property engulfed in flames on Georgia Highway 42 in Musella. Upon arrival, firefighters were confronted with a fully ablaze house, making it challenging to combat the inferno.

Regrettably, the victims of this catastrophic event have been identified as Ruthnell Jordan, aged 80, and her son Dennis Jordan, aged 54, as confirmed by Pate. Both individuals were pronounced deceased by Sheldon Mattox, the coroner of Crawford County, as stated in an official statement issued by the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.

At this stage, the exact cause of the fire remains uncertain, prompting an ongoing investigation by the Crawford County fire department. Pate mentioned that the diligent firefighters continue to sift through the remnants of the house in search of clues that could shed light on the incident’s origin.

In order to ascertain the circumstances surrounding this tragedy, the bodies of the deceased have been transferred to the GBI crime lab for a comprehensive autopsy.

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