“Stolen Ambulance Driver Arrested After Dozen Hit-and-Run Crashes: Darell T. Caldwell in Custody”

By | August 13, 2023



A Maryland man, Darell T. Caldwell, was arrested after committing over a dozen hit-and-run crashes in a stolen ambulance and a stolen truck on major Virginia highways. The crashes occurred on Interstate 66, I-395, and the George Washington Memorial Parkway, but there were no reports of serious injuries. Caldwell was charged by federal and local law enforcement and is currently being evaluated at a hospital. The string of accidents began when Caldwell was identified as the driver of a stolen truck involved in a crash on I-66. He then caused another multi-vehicle crash on I-395 before fleeing the scene and crashing a second truck on the Parkway. Caldwell stole an ambulance while medics treated another driver and led police on a pursuit before being apprehended in Washington, D.C. Associated Press reported

In Arlington, Virginia, a series of alarming incidents unfolded over the weekend involving a Maryland man named Darell T. Caldwell. The 30-year-old individual was responsible for over a dozen hit-and-run crashes, utilizing both a stolen ambulance and a stolen truck. These reckless acts occurred on various major highways in northern Virginia, namely Interstate 66, I-395, and the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Fortunately, no severe injuries were reported as a result of these collisions.

Law enforcement authorities, including federal and local agencies, have taken action against Caldwell for his unlawful actions. While charges from the state police are still pending, he has already been charged by other law enforcement entities. Following his involvement in the incidents, Caldwell was taken into custody in the District of Columbia. As of Saturday evening, he was undergoing evaluation at a hospital.

The chain of events commenced shortly after 3:30 p.m., when state police responded to a two-vehicle crash on the eastbound lanes of I-66. Caldwell was identified as the driver of one of the vehicles, specifically a stolen truck reported in Virginia. Subsequently, the truck fled the scene, leading to another crash on the northbound lanes of I-395 involving the same stolen vehicle. This second collision resulted in five individuals being transported to the hospital for medical attention.

Caldwell abandoned the scene on foot, and shortly thereafter, state police responded to yet another crash on the Parkway. This time, Caldwell was driving a different stolen truck in the wrong direction, which collided with another car. It remains unclear how he obtained this second stolen vehicle. During this incident, an Arlington County ambulance arrived at the scene to assist with the I-395 crash. Seizing the opportunity, Caldwell drove off in the ambulance while medics were attending to another injured driver.

Alerted to the theft of the ambulance, a trooper initiated a pursuit and managed to catch up to the stolen emergency vehicle. However, when the trooper stepped out of his patrol car, the ambulance unexpectedly rammed into it. Undeterred, both state and Arlington county police continued their pursuit of the stolen ambulance. Eventually, the chase led onto the I-395 express lanes and into Washington, where the stolen vehicle collided with a parked car. Caldwell was apprehended without resistance.


One of the victims involved in the incidents, Hailey Ruggiero, recounted her experience. Ruggiero was driving near Reagan National Airport when her vehicle was rear-ended by the stolen ambulance. To her surprise, neither the ambulance nor the pursuing officer behind it stopped after the collision. Reflecting on the incident, Ruggiero expressed gratitude for being unharmed and expressed her hope for justice to be served for all those affected by Caldwell’s reckless actions..

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