Drake Requests Fans to Keep Bras On for Son’s Sake

By | August 13, 2023



Drake asked fans to keep their bras on during his concert in Los Angeles to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere for his 5-year-old son. Bra-throwing has become a regular occurrence during Drake’s tour, with one fan even receiving an offer to appear in Playboy after throwing her bra on stage. Prior to the concert, Drake shared a cute photo of himself braiding his son’s hair. Mitchell Peters reported

Drake made a simple request to his fans during his concert in the Los Angeles area. He asked them to keep their bras on, as he wanted to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere out of respect for his 5-year-old son, Adonis Graham, who was in attendance. Drake, a 36-year-old rapper from Toronto, explained to the audience that he couldn’t discuss explicit topics that night because his son was at the show for the first time. He emphasized the need to keep the concert PG and requested that everyone keep their bras on.

Throwing bras onto the stage has become a common occurrence during Drake’s recent tour, which began in July at Chicago’s United Center. At a concert in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on July 21, the rapper was surprised to find a large bra onstage. He excitedly inspected it and jokingly asked for the woman who threw it to be located, remarking on the bra’s size.

The person who threw the bra was eventually identified as TikToker Veronica Correia, who received an offer to appear in Playboy as a result. Prior to his concert at the Kia Forum, Drake took some time to share a special moment with his son. He posted a cute photo on social media of himself braiding Adonis’ hair and captioned it with a quote from former NBA star Allen Iverson, emphasizing that appearances alone do not define a person’s character.

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