“Rashaad Penny Shines in Eagles Preseason Opener”

By | August 13, 2023



Rashaad Penny took the spotlight as he led the Eagles in rushing yards during a preseason game, marking his return to the field after a long absence. Penny expressed gratitude for being healthy and showcased the running back group’s talent. Additionally, rookie cornerback Eli Ricks, known as “Pick-Six Ricks,” made an interception and returned it for a touchdown, impressing the Eagles with his performance. Ricks attributed his success to the team’s supportive environment and expressed his desire to continue making an impact on the field. PhiladelphiaEagles.com reported

Rashaad Penny took on the majority of the workload at running back during the recent game. According to Head Coach Nick Sirianni, he wanted to give all the running backs some playing time in the preseason to ensure they were prepared for the regular season. Penny, who recently joined the Eagles, stood out on Saturday night as he led the team with 34 rushing yards on nine carries. This game was significant for Penny as it marked his return to playing after a long absence since October 9, 2022. Penny expressed his gratitude for being able to leave the field without any injuries and stated that it was enjoyable to be back in action.

Penny’s most impressive run occurred on the first play of the Eagles’ second series, where he gained 10 yards by running through the middle. However, the longest run of the night was accomplished by the other new Eagles running back, D’Andre Swift, who eluded Ravens safety Jaquon Amos and sprinted for 22 yards. Penny acknowledged the running back group’s ability to make big plays and cuts, attributing their success not only to their talent but also to the offensive line. He believed that they demonstrated a glimpse of their capabilities before the regular season.

In another noteworthy performance, rookie free agent Eli Ricks, who earned the nickname “Pick-Six Ricks” during his freshman year at LSU, showcased his skills on Saturday night. Although Ricks did not achieve the same impressive stats during the rest of his college career, he transferred to Alabama for the 2022 season to revive his potential. After a call from the Eagles following the 2023 NFL Draft, Ricks decided to sign with the team due to the comfortable and supportive environment created by Head Coach Nick Sirianni.

Ricks displayed his interception prowess during the game, intercepting an Anthony Brown touchdown pass and returning it for a 31-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter. He explained that based on the opposing team’s offensive patterns, he anticipated the out route and positioned himself to make the interception. Ricks received a congratulatory text from his mother after the game, and he expressed his desire to build on this strong performance and make a significant impact in future games.

Overall, both Rashaad Penny and Eli Ricks delivered impressive performances during the game, showcasing their skills and potential as valuable assets to the Philadelphia Eagles..