“Minneapolis Police Officer Jacob Spies Wounded in Robbery Pursuit, Four Suspects Arrested”

By | August 13, 2023



A Minneapolis police officer was shot and wounded while pursuing a robbery suspect. The officer, identified as Jacob Spies, was struck in the back of the shoulder and has been treated and discharged from the hospital. Four suspects, including a teenage boy, have been taken into custody. The incident highlights the bravery and restraint exhibited by police officers in the face of challenges. Liz Sawyer reported

The image provided depicts a Minneapolis police officer who was shot and injured by automatic gunfire while pursuing a robbery suspect in an unmarked car on the city’s North Side. The incident occurred late Friday night, and according to Police Chief Brian O’Hara, the officer was struck in the back of the shoulder. Identified as Jacob Spies by sources familiar with the investigation, the injured officer was taken to North Memorial Health for treatment and was subsequently discharged. O’Hara emphasized the officer’s survival as a testament to the courage, bravery, and restraint exhibited by law enforcement officers who face significant challenges in protecting the public. Four suspects, including a teenage boy, were apprehended, and one firearm was recovered at the scene. O’Hara recounted the events leading up to the shooting, explaining that officers had attempted to stop a white Chevrolet Equinox linked to a recent robbery. The vehicle initially complied but then fled. Approximately an hour later, the pursuing officer, driving an unmarked and unconventional vehicle, encountered the suspect vehicle and followed it while calling for backup. However, at 9:16 p.m., on Colfax Avenue N., the officer was targeted with a barrage of automatic gunfire, resulting in his injury. The injured officer was promptly rescued by a backup officer and transported to the hospital. The suspect vehicle was later located and pursued by multiple squad cars until it crashed into a parked car. Two men, one woman, and a teenage boy were arrested, with the males sustaining minor injuries. The crime scenes were cordoned off, and forensic analysts collected evidence, including spent bullet casings. O’Hara expressed gratitude for the officer’s survival, highlighting the inherent danger of the location where the shooting occurred. The officer, identified as Spies, was released from the hospital early Saturday morning, with a gathering of over 120 officers saluting him as he and his wife departed. In a separate incident on the same night, a man in his 70s was fatally stabbed in a suspected domestic homicide, and a woman in her 30s was arrested in connection with the crime..

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