“Hickory Tragedy: Timothy Craig Setzer Jr. Fatally Shot by Police in Disturbing Incident”

By | August 13, 2023



In the early hours of August 13th, 2023, a series of disturbing events occurred in Hickory, resulting in a loss of life. The Hickory Police received multiple 911 calls reporting gunshots fired, and a suspect was seen brandishing a firearm. A confrontation ensued, and the suspect was fatally shot by the officers. The incident is being independently reviewed by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. The officers involved are on administrative leave, and the police department is seeking additional information from the community. This event highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement officers and the importance of transparency. shooting-in-hickory-under-investigation” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>NewsBreak Original reported

HICKORY – In the early hours of August 13th, 2023, the peaceful streets of Hickory were rudely interrupted by a series of unsettling incidents that tragically resulted in loss of life. At approximately 12:03 AM, multiple distressed individuals residing in the 800 block of 5th Ave SW urgently dialed 911 to report gunfire in the vicinity. Shockingly, one caller disclosed that their residence had been purposely targeted.

Responding swiftly, Hickory Police were provided with a potentially valuable lead when another caller sighted a Caucasian male suspect openly carrying a firearm in the area. The seriousness of the situation heightened as additional officers were dispatched to locate and confront the suspect.

Upon encountering the individual, later identified as Timothy Craig Setzer Jr., born on July 11th, 1996, a tense and hazardous confrontation unfolded. Setzer Jr. attempted to elude the officers, compelling them to repeatedly demand his immediate halt. Tragically, the situation took a fatal turn when Setzer Jr. swiftly drew a handgun from his waistband. In response, the officers swiftly took action, discharging their firearms and striking the suspect.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were swiftly called, but despite their best efforts, Setzer Jr. was pronounced dead at the scene. The loss of life serves as a solemn reminder of the formidable challenges faced by law enforcement officers in protecting their communities.

To ensure transparency and uphold public trust, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation has been summoned to conduct an impartial review of the officer-involved shooting. Meanwhile, the officers directly involved in the incident have been placed on administrative leave until the conclusion of this comprehensive investigation.

The Hickory Police Department is actively investigating the shooting incident targeting the occupied dwelling and appealing to the community for any additional information. If you possess relevant details, please contact the Criminal Investigations Division of the Hickory Police Department. The aftermath of this tragic event serves as a poignant reminder of the intricate and crucial work carried out by law enforcement officers, as well as the significance of transparency in such cases..