“Morgan Wallen’s New Haircut Receives Mixed Reactions from Fans”

By | August 12, 2023



Country singer Morgan Wallen has debuted a new haircut, leaving fans disappointed after he shaved off his mullet. Photos and videos of his new look were shared online as he performed at a concert in Ohio. Wallen explained that he decided to change his hairstyle because he no longer liked the mullet. Some fans expressed their disappointment while others joked about the end of the “mullet era.” Wallen had previously adopted the mullet inspired by his father’s wedding pictures. He is now waiting for his hair to grow before deciding on a new hairstyle. The Feed reported

Singer Morgan Wallen, known for his penchant for experimenting with hairstyles, has recently disappointed his fans with a new haircut. Just as his fans were getting accustomed to his mullet, Wallen decided to change things up. Unfortunately, the reaction from his fans has been less than positive.

Pictures and videos of Wallen’s new haircut went viral on the internet when he appeared on stage during his ongoing ‘One Night At A Time World Tour’ at Ohio Stadium in Columbus. The singer had completely shaved off his mullet and was seen wearing a red ball cap at the concert. It seems that Wallen is now waiting for his hair to grow back before deciding on a new hairstyle.

When asked about his new look, Wallen explained at the concert that he shaved off his hair because he no longer liked the mullet style. However, his fans have expressed their disappointment on social media. One fan posted a video from the Ohio concert, stating, “BREAKING NEWS: Ol’ Morgan Wallen shaved the mullet… guess it’s time to shave all the mullets, boys… To say I am disappointed is an understatement…” Another fan simply remarked, “The Mullet era is over. #MorganWallen cut the mullet off and shaved his head bald & shaved his facial hair!”

Wallen initially sported a mullet after being inspired by his father, who had a mullet in his wedding pictures. However, even then, some fans did not appreciate his choice. The singer had previously mentioned the criticism he received, saying, “I get some hate for sure. Somebody thought… they said, ‘Look at Morgan Wallen up on stage with a mullet and a dip in!’ I did not have a dip in, okay?!”

Wallen’s new shaved look has not been well-received by one particular fan who tweeted in jest, “Morgan Wallen shaved his mullet. No, I’m not okay and need 3-5 business days to process. Prayers welcomed.” It seems that Wallen may be considering going back to his previous short hair, which was also adored by his fans.


In terms of Wallen’s career, he is currently on his ‘One Night At A Time World Tour,’ which began in March 2023 in New Zealand and Australia before moving to the United States in April 2023. As of August 2023, Wallen has released three albums, 13 singles, and four EPs.

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