“Florida Victims and Dog Found Dead in Texas Cistern Tragedy”

By | August 12, 2023



Three Florida hog hunters and their dog were found dead in an underground cistern in Bastrop, Texas. The victims were identified as Denise Martinez, Delvys Garcia, and Noel Vigil-Benitez. The bodies were pulled from the cistern, which was filled with sewer gas. An autopsy has been ordered to determine the cause of death. Nikki Dobrin reported

The lifeless bodies of three individuals from Florida, along with their loyal canine companion, were discovered in an underground tank that was filled with hazardous sewer gas in a cornfield in Bastrop, Texas. The victims have been identified as Denise Martinez, aged 26, Delvys Garcia, aged 37, and Noel Vigil-Benitez, aged 45. They were all part of a hog hunting party hailing from the South Florida region. Tragically, attempts to rescue their dog proved futile as it did not survive.

The grim incident occurred on Wednesday when the victims ventured into the underground cistern in an effort to save their bloodhound after it fell into the hole. One person initially attempted the rescue, prompting the other two to jump in as well. However, all three met their untimely demise in the hole. Another member of the hunting party, an unidentified man, refrained from entering the cistern and instead rushed to the hunting truck to call emergency services.

Autopsies have been ordered, and the bodies, along with the deceased canine, have been transported to the local medical examiner’s office by a funeral home. The Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office revealed that the opening of the hole was approximately 4 feet wide and contained 8 feet of water, accompanied by hydrogen sulfide gas. These conditions, combined with the fumes, stagnant water, and instability of the cistern, hindered the recovery efforts of the first responders.

To ensure the safety of the rescue operation, the decision was made to ventilate the cistern by removing the hydrogen sulfide gas and draining the water. However, attempts to access the cistern from the side were abandoned due to concerns over compromising the structural integrity. Once the air within the cistern was stabilized, a drone was deployed to assess the condition of the underground walls. Subsequently, a member of the sheriff’s office was successfully lowered into the hole, retrieving the bodies of the three victims and their bloodhound.

Investigations are ongoing to ascertain the circumstances that led to the tragic incident. The Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office emphasized that the initial details are subject to further verification..