“Tragic Deaths of Delvys Garcia, Denise Martinez, and Noel Vigil-Benitez in Texas Cornfield Tank”

By | August 11, 2023



Three people and a dog were found dead in a water tank in a Texas cornfield. The victims were hunting when one of their dogs fell into the tank. It is believed that one person went in to rescue the dog and two others followed. Recovery efforts were hampered by fumes and unstable conditions. Pitman Blog reported

In a tragic incident, three individuals and a dog were discovered dead inside a water tank located in a cornfield in Texas. The victims were identified as Delvys Garcia, aged 37, Denise Martinez, aged 26, and Noel Vigil-Benitez, aged 45. They were hunting alongside another person when one of their dogs accidentally fell into the tank. Prompted by concern for the dog’s safety, one person entered the tank to rescue it, followed by two others who attempted to assist the first person. Meanwhile, the fourth hunter quickly went to his truck to call for emergency assistance.

When authorities arrived at around 1 a.m., they found an underground tank partially filled with water. The water level was observed to be significantly below the tank’s small opening. Strong fumes, reminiscent of those found in a septic tank, emanated from the tank. Despite the arrival of emergency personnel, there were no signs of life from the dog or the individuals inside the tank.

Recovery efforts faced challenges due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas and standing water. Hydrogen sulfide gas, known to cause various health issues such as respiratory irritation, dizziness, and stomach upset, posed a threat to the responders. The tank was eventually vented, and the water inside was removed to mitigate these risks.

The unstable nature of the tank further complicated the recovery operation. Initially, first responders attempted to excavate the tank’s sidewalls; however, concerns over potential structural instability forced them to abandon this approach. To assess the tank’s integrity, a small drone was deployed.

Eventually, a Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office investigator was lowered into the cistern, where the bodies of the victims were finally located on Wednesday night. The deceased individuals, Garcia, Martinez, and Vigil-Benitez, were originally from Florida. Their bodies, along with the dog’s remains, were entrusted to a local funeral home and subsequently taken to the medical examiner’s office for autopsy.

It is indeed a heartbreaking tragedy that highlights the dangers and risks associated with such rescue attempts. The incident serves as a somber reminder of the importance of prioritizing personal safety and taking precautions when faced with unforeseen circumstances..