“Liberal Outrage Over Woody Harrelson’s Support for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.”

By | August 11, 2023



Liberals on X, formerly known as Twitter, expressed frustration and criticism towards actor Woody Harrelson for wearing a hat in support of Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The photo, posted by actress Cheryl Hines on Instagram, garnered negative comments from liberal users on the platform. This backlash comes after Harrelson’s previous controversial statements about COVID-19 and vaccines during his Saturday Night Live monologue. The actor’s endorsement of Kennedy aligns with his criticisms of the U.S.’s response to the pandemic and the COVID vaccine. Gabriel Hays reported

Liberals on X, previously referred to as Twitter, expressed their frustration and disapproval after a photograph of actor Woody Harrelson wearing a hat showing his support for Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. surfaced on the internet. These liberals criticized both the photo and the actor for endorsing a Biden rival who gained attention for his skepticism towards COVID-19 protocols and his advocacy for liberal causes and criticism of childhood vaccines. Harrelson’s public endorsement of Kennedy aligns with his previous statements where he criticized the U.S.’s response to the pandemic and COVID vaccines.

The source of the photo was Cheryl Hines’ Instagram account, who is married to Kennedy. In the picture, Hines can be seen standing next to Harrelson, who is wearing a blue “Kennedy 2024” cap. Hines captioned the photo with the words “Great seeing you, Woody. #friends #hats #rfkjr.”

Once the photo made its way to X, liberal users inundated it with negative comments. Senior producer of “Shark Tank,” Andrew Kimmel, shared the image and commented, “We lost Woody.” Influential leftist X user, “Liberal Lisa in Oklahoma,” expressed her disappointment by stating, “It’s official. After his terrible SNL monologue about Covid, now this. Woody Harrelson is dead to me.” Prominent leftist X user Angela Belcamino proclaimed, “Woody Harrelson just canceled himself.” Democrat social media strategist Devin Duke criticized the actor, saying, “It’s a shame Woody Harrelson has revealed himself to be an anti-science quack.” Former Bill Clinton staffer Claude Taylor remarked, “So disappointing. Good reminder actors are not role models.”

The popular progressive account “Wu Tang is for the Children” posted, “If you didn’t realize Woody was gone after his SNL monologue, well now it’s official.” Many users referenced Harrelson’s controversial “Saturday Night Live” monologue from February, where he criticized the COVID-19 vaccine and government pandemic protocols. He disguised his critique as a movie pitch he allegedly heard in 2019.

During the monologue, Harrelson stated, “So the movie goes like this: The biggest drug cartels in the world come together and purchase all the media and politicians, forcing people to stay locked in their homes. The only way people can leave their homes is by taking the cartel’s drugs repeatedly.” The actor, known for his affinity for marijuana, concluded the bit with a personalized punchline, saying, “I threw the script away. I mean, who would believe such a crazy idea? Being forced to take drugs? I voluntarily do that all day.”

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