“The Hiker Who Discovered Julian Sands’ Remains: Shocking Find on Mt. Baldy”

By | August 11, 2023



Actor Julian Sands, who was reported missing earlier this year after failing to return from a hike, has been found dead on Mt. Baldy. Hiker Bill Dwyer stumbled across Sands’ remains during a 10-mile hike. The cause of death remains undetermined due to the condition of the body. Sands was known for his roles in films such as Warlock and Ocean’s 13. Dominic Smithers reported

The individual who came across the body of Julian Sands, a 65-year-old actor who went missing during a hiking trip, has finally spoken out. Despite an extensive search and rescue operation, authorities were unable to locate Sands, who failed to return home from his hike. The police stated that the difficult trail conditions and risk of avalanches hindered their efforts. However, nearly two months ago, a hiker unintentionally discovered the remains of the actor.

The official confirmation of the discovery stated, “The body found on Mt. Baldy on June 24, 2023, has been positively identified as 65-year-old Julian Sands of North Hollywood. The cause of death is still being investigated, pending further test results.” The news shocked the hiking community, with Bill Dwyer, the hiker who stumbled upon Sands’ body, describing the experience as surreal. Earlier that day, Dwyer had joked with his daughter on Strava about finding Julian Sands, unaware of the tragic reality that awaited them.

During their 10-mile hike, Dwyer and his group unexpectedly encountered Sands’ remains. They noticed that the actor was wearing microspikes on his boots, which are metal spikes designed for hiking. However, these spikes are not suitable for snowy terrain like the one Sands was traversing. Dwyer expressed his surprise at the inappropriate equipment, stating, “They were just the wrong tools for the job at hand.”

In an update shared four weeks after the discovery, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department provided further information on Sands’ cause of death. The death certificate ruled it as “undetermined due to the condition of the body,” which the police department explained is a common conclusion in cases like these.

Sands had previously spoken about his love for mountain climbing, highlighting the connection between mountaineering and filmmaking. He believed that climbing a mountain was about conquering oneself, a sentiment he also applied to his acting career. Sands expressed his desire to be remembered as an interesting and amusing father by his children.


Julian Sands is best known for his roles in films such as Warlock (1989), Naked Lunch (1991), and Ocean’s 13 (2007)..

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