“Man Claims Self-Defense in Shooting Death of Older Brother”

By | August 11, 2023



Law enforcement officials are investigating a homicide in Happyland, where a man allegedly shot and killed his older brother. The shooter claims self-defense. The incident occurred after a shots fired call was made to law enforcement. The suspect was arrested and has a bond set at $250,000. The investigation is being assisted by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. The Ada News reported

Law enforcement authorities are currently investigating a case of homicide that took place in Happyland on August 4th. The incident involved a man named John David Carpenter, aged 50, from Ada, who allegedly shot and killed his older brother, Paul Randall Carpenter, aged 58, also from Ada. John Carpenter claims that he acted in self-defense. The Pontotoc County Sheriff, John Christian, reported that the incident was initially reported as shots fired, and when law enforcement officers arrived at the scene on County Road 1530, they found Paul Carpenter lying in a pool of blood inside a residence. John Carpenter was found sitting in a chair in another bedroom. He confessed to shooting his brother, stating that Paul had kicked the door in. The authorities discovered a .22 caliber rifle on the bed, which was confiscated as evidence. Emergency medical services arrived but pronounced Paul Carpenter dead. During a background check on John Carpenter, it was revealed that he had outstanding arrest warrants in Pontotoc County. Consequently, he was arrested and taken to the Pontotoc County Justice Center, with his bond set at $250,000. Two juveniles were present in the house at the time of the shooting, and one of them witnessed the incident. Sheriff Christian requested the assistance of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation in the case..

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