“Mayor Mike Matson Honored at Quad Cities Veterans Outreach Center”

By | August 10, 2023



Former vice president and Republican presidential candidate Mike Pence began a statewide tour in Iowa, starting at the Quad Cities Veterans Outreach Center. Pence expressed his gratitude to veterans and promised to expand benefits for them if he becomes president. He also discussed his focus on ending veteran homelessness, improving mental health services, and ensuring access to medical care. Pence highlighted the accomplishments of the Trump-Pence administration, including the expansion of the Veterans Choice Program. He also mentioned securing the southern border and implementing a merit-based immigration system. Pence emphasized his commitment to upholding the Constitution and reminded voters of his experience as a governor and member of Congress. The Quad-City Times reported

Republican presidential candidate and former vice president Mike Pence began a statewide tour in Iowa at the Quad Cities Veterans Outreach Center. The event was met with excitement and anticipation, as several dozen people gathered to welcome Pence. After arriving, Pence went around the room, personally greeting everyone and engaging in conversations. Many of the attendees were veterans, and Pence took the time to express his gratitude for their service, specifically acknowledging Davenport Mayor Mike Matson, a veteran himself. Pence promised to continue supporting veterans if elected president, with a focus on expanding benefits, addressing homelessness and mental health, and ensuring access to medical care.

Pence shared a personal connection to the military, as his father served in the Korean War and he currently has a son in the Marine Corps and a son-in-law in the Navy. Attendees of the event expressed concerns about healthcare for veterans, prompting Pence to pledge his commitment to improving existing programs and removing any obstacles that hinder veterans from receiving the care they need. He also highlighted accomplishments under the Trump-Pence administration, including expanding the Veterans Choice Program to allow veterans to seek healthcare from public or private facilities if they couldn’t receive help at Veterans Affairs.

Pence found inspiration from the Quad Cities Veterans Outreach Center and Davenport’s success in ending veteran homelessness. He emphasized that the solution to the country’s challenges lies in the generosity, compassion, and innovation of the American people. Pence also addressed border security and immigration, advocating for a secure southern border and a merit-based immigration system.

While Pence is a contender for the 2024 Republican Presidential nomination, he acknowledged the disappointment surrounding the 2020 election. He firmly stated his commitment to the Constitution and the democratic process, dismissing any suggestion that he had the authority to reject or return votes. Pence identified himself as a Christian, conservative, and Republican, placing his faith and principles above his political affiliation.

Throughout the event, Pence’s wife Karen Pence was also present, engaging with attendees and holding conversations following her husband’s speech..