“Tyrone Frazier, Alleged Serial Robber, Arrested after 7-Eleven Clerks Beat Him in Viral Video”

By | August 9, 2023



Stockton police have arrested a man connected to multiple robberies and other crimes after a viral video showed him being beaten by 7-Eleven clerks. The video depicts the man filling a trash can with cigarette packs before being pinned down by one clerk while another beats him with a wooden pole. KCRA – Sacramento Videos reported

Following the circulation of a viral video capturing the incident, it has come to light that the individual who was subjected to a thorough beating by 7-Eleven staff has been apprehended by Stockton police. The said individual, identified as Tyrone Frazier, aged 42, has been linked to a series of robberies and other criminal activities. The widely viewed video depicts Frazier gathering numerous cigarette packs into a garbage bin. Subsequently, one of the 7-Eleven clerks successfully restrains Frazier, while another proceeds to administer blows to him using what appears to be a wooden rod..