“Son Arrested for Murder of Father in St. Mary Home: Victim Identified as Omar Forth”

By | August 9, 2023



A 33-year-old man, Omar Forth, has been arrested and charged for murdering his 74-year-old father in St. Mary. The incident occurred during an argument where Forth used a knife to inflict multiple wounds on his father. The police were alerted and rushed to the scene. The victim, Clovis Forth, was taken to the hospital but was pronounced dead. Omar Forth has been charged with Murder and his court date is being arranged. Nationwide 90FM reported

An individual has been apprehended and formally accused in connection with the homicide of his father at their residence in St. Mary on Saturday, August 5th. The suspect has been identified as Omar Forth, aged 33. According to reports, at approximately 3 am, an altercation ensued between Forth and his father, Clovis Forth, aged 74, during which the former employed a knife to inflict multiple wounds upon the latter. The authorities were promptly notified and promptly dispatched to the premises. Upon their arrival, Clovis was promptly transported to the hospital, where he was subsequently declared deceased. Forth was formally charged with the offense of Murder on Sunday, August 6th, subsequent to providing a statement under caution. The scheduling of his court appearance is currently being finalized..