“Maryland Woman Found Dead: Body of Rachel Morin Discovered, Homicide Investigation Launched”

By | August 9, 2023



The man who discovered the body of missing Maryland woman Rachel Morin had a hunch that tunnels near a local hiking trail should be searched. Michael Gabriszeski, who joined the search party with his daughter, found the body on Sunday. The Harford County Sheriff’s Office has launched a homicide investigation. Gerrard Kaonga reported

The individual who discovered the body of Rachel Morin, a woman from Maryland who had been reported missing over the weekend, informed journalists that he had a hunch that tunnels near a local hiking trail should be searched. Michael Gabriszeski, in an interview with ABC affiliate WMAR 2, revealed that he had participated in the search alongside his daughter, who happened to be a friend of Morin’s. “I decided to explore the tunnels because I had a strong feeling about them,” he stated.

According to the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, Morin, a 37-year-old mother of five, was reported missing by her boyfriend on Saturday after she failed to return from a walk on the Ma and Pa Trail in Bel Air. The body was discovered on Sunday and has since been officially identified as Morin. The sheriff’s office has initiated a homicide investigation into the matter.

In an attempt to gather more information, Newsweek has reached out to the Harford County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook for comment.

Meanwhile, Gabriszeski expressed his shock at the tragic incident, stating, “Something like this should not occur in Harford County.” He further conveyed his hope that Morin’s family could find solace in knowing that she had found her final resting place and that they could finally achieve closure. Gabriszeski also expressed his desire for the perpetrator to be caught and face the full extent of the law.

The sheriff’s office has already received 90 tips from members of the community, but is still seeking additional information. They have requested that anyone who was on the Ma & Pa Trail on Saturday or in its vicinity and took photos or videos to share them with investigators. The office provided an email address, maddoxc@harfordsheriff.org, for submitting the images.


Sheriff Jeff Gahler has urged the residents of Harford County to remain vigilant, emphasizing that they do not currently have a solid suspect. He stated that while they cannot determine whether this was a targeted attack on Rachel, they are considering the possibility of it being a random event. The investigation will involve retracing Morin’s steps from the last sighting of her to the location where her car was found at the trailhead..