“Fort Dodge Shooting: Bryan Gambill Fatally Shot in Self-Defense, No Charges Filed”

By | August 9, 2023



Fort Dodge Police Department has ruled a shooting in Fort Dodge, Iowa as self-defense, with no charges being filed against the resident who fatally shot another person. The resident claimed that the person shot was breaking into their garage. Police investigators and the Webster County Attorney’s Office determined that the homeowner acted in self-defense after reviewing details and evidence. shooting-ruled-self-defense-police-say/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Breaking News in USA Today reported

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In Fort Dodge, Iowa, the local police department has announced that their investigation into a shooting incident has determined it to be an act of self-defense, thereby ruling out any charges against the shooter. The incident occurred on May 31 when a Fort Dodge resident reported that an individual was attempting to break into his garage. The resident shot the intruder, later identified as Bryan Gambill, resulting in his death. Following a thorough review of the details and evidence, the police, in collaboration with the Webster County Attorney’s Office, concluded that the homeowner acted in self-defense and no charges will be pressed.

The police investigators have been diligently examining the incident since its occurrence, conducting interviews with multiple individuals and thoroughly analyzing the evidence. Their decision to rule the shooting as an act of self-defense comes after a comprehensive assessment of the facts surrounding the case.