“Human Remains Identified as Jaynie Crosdale, Witness in Hostage Case Against Missouri Man”

By | August 9, 2023



The human remains found in a barrel in the Missouri River have been identified as Jaynie Crosdale, a potential witness in the case against Timothy Haslett Jr. Haslett, who is accused of holding a Black woman hostage, had Crosdale inside his home before his arrest. Prosecutors have filed a motion seeking a higher bond for Haslett due to concerns for the safety of the community. Haslett’s attorney has not yet commented on the matter. Minyvonne Burke reported

The human remains discovered in a barrel within the Missouri River have recently been identified as belonging to a woman who was considered a potential witness in a case involving a Missouri man accused of holding a Black woman hostage in his basement. During a bond increase hearing for Timothy Haslett Jr., who is white, prosecutors revealed that the woman found in the barrel, Jaynie Crosdale, had been present in Haslett’s residence in Excelsior Springs before his arrest in October. The Clay County Prosecutor’s Office, while not providing additional details, did present this evidence to the court.

Authorities from the Excelsior Springs police had previously identified Crosdale as a potential witness in Haslett’s case back in January, seeking the public’s assistance in locating her. At that time, it was believed that Crosdale possessed vital information pertaining to the investigation. Unfortunately, she was later discovered deceased after kayakers spotted her body enclosed in a blue barrel within the Missouri River, according to NBC affiliate KSNT of Topeka, Kansas. As of now, the police have not responded to requests for comment.

Following the identification of Crosdale’s remains, prosecutors swiftly filed a motion to increase Haslett’s bond, expressing concerns for the safety of the community. They argued that the current bond of $3 million was inadequate in ensuring the well-being of both the community and the victim. However, the court ruled against increasing Haslett’s bond, and his attorney has yet to respond to requests for comment.

Haslett was initially arrested in October after a 22-year-old victim, who remains unidentified, managed to escape from his basement while wearing a metal dog collar. The woman sought help from neighbors, revealing that she had been held captive and subjected to assault. Lisa Johnson, a neighbor who aided the woman, recounted hearing a faint cry for help outside her front door while she was preparing for work. Johnson stated that the woman made eye contact with her and desperately pleaded for assistance. Despite the victim’s fear that Haslett would harm them both if the police were alerted, Johnson still contacted the authorities. She understood the woman’s apprehension but felt compelled to take action.

According to a probable cause statement filed in October, the police discovered the woman wearing a metal collar with a padlock, latex lingerie, and duct tape covering her mouth. The victim disclosed that Haslett had abducted her in early September and confined her to a small room in his basement. She revealed that her wrists and ankles had been restrained with handcuffs and that she had endured repeated acts of sexual assault and physical abuse. The woman managed to escape when Haslett left to take his child to school, as stated in the probable cause document.


Haslett was indicted in February on multiple charges, including first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy, first-degree kidnapping, second-degree assault, and child endangerment. If convicted, he could face more than five life sentences.