“Tragic Rollover Crash Claims 1 Life in Randolph County”

By | August 8, 2023



This week in Randolph County, North Carolina, law enforcement has been busy with a series of incidents. Nineteen individuals were arrested for solicitation of minors, a tragic rollover crash resulted in one death and injuries, drugs were found at a gas pump with a sleeping woman, and there is a staffing shortage at the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office. These incidents highlight the ongoing crime and drug problem in the area. NewsBreak Original reported

This week in Randolph County, North Carolina, law enforcement has been kept busy by a series of incidents. From the apprehension of nineteen individuals for the solicitation of minors to a tragic rollover crash resulting in one fatality and injuries, the county has experienced a significant amount of criminal activity. Furthermore, deputies stumbled upon drugs and a woman asleep at a gas pump, shedding light on the ongoing drug problem in the area. Additionally, the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office is facing a shortage of staff, further complicating matters for law enforcement. Below is a comprehensive summary of each incident.

A collaborative investigation led by the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, alongside the Department of Homeland Security Investigations and the Department of the Army Criminal Investigation Division, concluded on August 3, 2023. This joint effort targeted the solicitation of minors, resulting in the arrest of nineteen individuals involved in this abhorrent crime.

Tragedy struck when a rollover crash occurred on Interstate-74 towards Asheboro. The incident claimed the life of one person and left a pregnant woman injured. The crash transpired as a driver was observed recklessly maneuvering through traffic, driving on the shoulder, and overtaking other vehicles. The Guil-Rand Fire Department promptly responded to the scene, providing aid and medical attention to the victims.

Deputies from Randolph County responded to a gas station where they discovered Jasmine Bennett, a woman who had been asleep at the pump for nearly an hour. Following her awakening, deputies conducted a search and discovered drugs in her possession. Subsequent investigation led to the finding of additional drugs in her vehicle. Bennett now faces multiple charges related to drug possession.

Like numerous law enforcement agencies throughout the country, the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office is grappling with a staffing shortage. This scarcity is partially attributed to a nationwide trend of police officers retiring at unprecedented rates. This deficiency presents challenges for the department in effectively combatting and preventing crime within the county.


In a joint investigation led by the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, nineteen individuals, including seven from the greater Charlotte area, are being charged with offenses related to child sex crimes. This collaborative endeavor involved multiple law enforcement agencies and aims to safeguard vulnerable children from exploitation. William Ray Hartsell, a resident of Charlotte, is currently wanted in connection with this investigation.

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