“Vigil held for Galveston family killed by drunk driver: Felipe Bentancur, Kaisyn Bentancur, Brailyn Cantu, Destiny Uvalle”

By | August 6, 2023



A vigil was held in Rosenberg, Texas, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of a tragic accident that took the lives of four individuals. The accident occurred on August 6, 2022, when a drunk driver collided with a golf cart, resulting in the deaths of Felipe Bentancur, Kaisyn Bentancur, Brailyn Cantu, and Destiny Uvalle. Family members and community members gathered at the accident site to light candles, play songs, and honor the victims. The families expressed gratitude for the support they have received from their community during this difficult time. FOX 26 Digital reported

A commemorative gathering was organized in Rosenberg on Saturday to observe the first anniversary of a tragic incident that resulted in the loss of four lives. This unfortunate event took place on August 6, 2022, when an inebriated driver disregarded a stop sign and collided with a golf cart carrying four individuals. The deceased victims were identified as Felipe Bentancur, aged 49; Kaisyn Bentancur, aged 4; Brailyn Cantu, aged 14; and Destiny Uvalle, aged 25.

A vigil was solemnly conducted at the intersection of Ave R and 33rd St., the location where the accident occurred. The gathering was marked by the lighting of candles, melodic tunes, and the placement of flowers and photographs on the ground. During the commemoration, family members shared heartfelt recollections of the victims, highlighting their exceptional qualities as individuals.

The families expressed the immense difficulty they have faced in coping with the untimely demise of their loved ones. However, they also expressed gratitude for the unwavering support they have received from their community. It was a moment of unity and solace for all those in attendance.

The vigil concluded with a poignant moment of silence, allowing everyone present to reflect on the lives lost and the impact of this tragic incident..