“Pauline Amelinckx Shares Miss Supranational Success with Proud Parents”

Miss Supranational first runner-up Pauline Amelinckx expressed her gratitude to her parents for their support in a recent social media post. She also spoke about the kindness she witnessed during the competition and called for an end to online hate. Amelinckx emphasized the importance of unity and using pageantry as a platform for positive change. She concluded her message by sending love and warm hugs to her supporters. Armin P. Adina reported

Miss Supranational first runner-up Pauline Amelinckx shared her recent international achievement with her parents on social media. She expressed how victory is even sweeter when shared with loved ones. In her post, Amelinckx thanked her father for teaching her discipline and dedication, while her mother taught her kindness. She also highlighted the importance of kindness in the pageant community and expressed her disappointment in the online hate that Ecuador’s Andrea Aguilera received. Amelinckx believes that pageantry is a platform that brings people together and hopes for unity to create positive change. She ended her message by sending love and warm hugs to her supporters. Amelinckx’s journey to the Miss Supranational pageant was a long one, with multiple attempts and setbacks before finally winning the Miss Supranational Philippines crown. The search for her national successor has already begun, with the call for applicants for “The Miss Philippines Culture and Heritage Celebration.” This national competition will also determine the successor of Miss Charm Philippines Krishnah Gravidez. The Miss Philippines and Mister Pilipinas Worldwide events will serve as culminating events for “The Filipino Festival,” a month-long celebration of the country’s culture and heritage. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to promote the Philippines and its culture to the world. For more information, interested individuals can visit the official social media accounts of The Miss Philippines, Mister Pilipinas Worldwide, and The Filipino Festival or send an email to infor@empire.ph..