“Arrien Porterfield Found Dead, Witnesses Urged to Come Forward”

By | August 5, 2023



The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a fatal shooting in Bluewell, West Virginia. They are asking possible witnesses to come forward with any information. The shooting occurred around 3 a.m. on July 31, and a deceased man, identified as Arrien Porterfield, was found at the scene. Detectives are examining video surveillance footage and questioning witnesses. Chief Deputy A.P. Christian expressed frustration that more witnesses have not come forward. Detective M.T. Hatfield is leading the investigation. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department. Greg Jordan, Bluefield Daily Telegraph, W.Va. reported

Aug. 5—BLUEWELL — The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating a fatal shooting that occurred on July 31 in Bluewell. Detectives are urging potential witnesses to come forward and provide any relevant information they may have.

Upon receiving a complaint about a possible shooting at Lynn’s Drive-Inn in Bluewell around 3 a.m., deputies were dispatched to the scene. Tragically, they discovered the lifeless body of Arrien Porterfield, a 27-year-old resident of Princeton.

Detective-Lieutenant S.A. Sommers stated that they are currently reviewing video surveillance footage and conducting interviews with witnesses. However, Chief Deputy A.P. Christian expressed his disappointment on Friday, acknowledging that they believe there are additional witnesses who have yet to contact the sheriff’s department.

“It is disheartening that our community has reached such a sad state of affairs,” Christian lamented. “We have lost a young life, and people are failing to come forward.”

Investigators continue to urge witnesses to step forward and share any information they may have pertaining to the shooting. Christian expressed his frustration, emphasizing the importance of community assistance in solving this case.

“It is difficult for me to comprehend,” Christian added. “We have witnesses to a murder, and yet no one is willing to do the right thing. We have assigned a detective solely to this case, and we will persist until we achieve justice. However, cooperation from the community we serve would greatly facilitate our efforts.”

Detective M.T. Hatfield is leading the investigation, according to Christian.

Anyone possessing information regarding the death of Arrien Porterfield is urged to contact the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department at 304-487-8364.

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