Man Charged with Theft and Assault After Stealing from Home Depot and Brandishing Firearm

By | August 5, 2023



A man in L.A. County has been charged for stealing from a Home Depot and threatening loss prevention officers with a firearm. The suspect, Fernando Cruz, purchased and returned a tool set fraudulently, receiving a refund of $152. When confronted by a loss prevention officer, Cruz brandished a gun and fled the scene. Cruz was later identified and found to have a dozen registered firearms at his home. He has been charged with robbery and shoplifting. Santa Clarita Valley Signal reported

A man in Los Angeles County has been charged with two offenses after allegedly stealing from a Home Depot store and then brandishing a firearm when confronted by loss prevention officers. The incident occurred on March 4 at the Home Depot on Newhall Ranch Road, according to court documents. The suspect, identified as Fernando Cruz, purchased a tool set but then returned to the store to fraudulently obtain another set and steal its value. He received a refund of $152 before leaving the store. As Cruz attempted to leave in his truck, a store loss prevention officer approached him, and Cruz allegedly displayed a gun before driving away. Investigators were able to identify Cruz through evidence left at the scene, including a photograph. They also discovered another incident in which Cruz is suspected of using a stolen card to purchase a toilet. Detectives positively identified Cruz, who was found to have a dozen registered firearms at his residence. Subsequently, Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station deputies seized various pieces of evidence, including firearms. The County District Attorney’s Office filed one charge of robbery and one charge of shoplifting based on the two incidents. Cruz was arrested on July 12 and held in custody with a bail amount of $170,000. He was later released and charged on August 1. He is scheduled to appear in court next month..

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