Man Arrested for Damaging Police Department Property Under Influence of Meth

By | August 5, 2023



A man was arrested in Hot Springs for crashing into the fence of the Police Department while under the influence of methamphetamine. Leopoldo Dominicio Apodaca, 40, was charged with first-degree criminal mischief and cited for careless and prohibited driving. He damaged approximately 50 feet of fence, a fence post, and a sign before being apprehended by police. Apodaca claimed he was high on meth and believed he was being followed. Arkansas Online reported

In Hot Springs, an individual was apprehended on Wednesday after reportedly crashing into the fence surrounding the rear parking lot of the Hot Springs Police Department. The suspect, identified as Leopoldo Dominicio Apodaca, aged 40, was found to be under the influence of methamphetamine at the time of the incident. He now faces a felony charge of first-degree criminal mischief, in addition to being cited for careless and prohibited driving.

According to a detailed probable cause affidavit, Apodaca’s GMC Sierra pickup truck forcefully broke through the fence, causing damage to approximately 50 feet of fencing and a fence post. Following this, the driver proceeded to navigate the parking lot in a reckless manner, colliding with and damaging a sign. The vehicle ultimately rammed into the metal entrance gate, along with the accompanying gate card reader/entry pad system.

As authorities rushed to the scene, Apodaca made a hurried approach towards the rear door of the Police Department. In a concerning turn of events, he seized a bench and seemingly prepared to hurl it through the glass doors. However, before he could carry out this act, Lieutenant Kenny May intervened and successfully took him into custody.

During the subsequent interrogation, after having his rights read to him, Apodaca admitted to being under the influence of methamphetamine. He also claimed to have believed that an unidentified individual on a motorcycle was tailing him, and he resorted to such actions to attract the attention of law enforcement.


The Hot Springs Street Department works to upright the corner pole of the parking lot at the corner of Pleasant and Kirk Streets Thursday morning. – Photo by Lance Brownfield of The Sentinel-Record.


A sign reads “No thru traffic” above the makeshift barricade placed by the Street Department Thursday morning. – Photo by Lance Brownfield of The Sentinel-Record.