Actress Adah Sharma Takes Break for Health Issues, Undergoes Ayurvedic Treatment

Actress Adah Sharma recently shared her health update on Instagram, revealing that she has developed hives. She posted pictures of the rashes on her body and explained her illness in a long caption. Adah thanked those who reached out to her and mentioned that she will be taking a break from work to undergo Ayurvedic treatment. Fans wished her a speedy recovery. TIMESOFINDIA.COM reported

Adah Sharma recently provided an update on her health via Instagram, disclosing that she is suffering from hives. In a series of pictures, the actress shared the visible rashes on her body and elaborated on her condition in a lengthy caption. Adah expressed gratitude towards those who reached out to her and included a disclaimer regarding the potentially unsettling nature of the images, noting that Instagram shouldn’t solely consist of pleasant photos. She went on to describe hives as a distressing rash that she had initially concealed by wearing long sleeves, but it eventually became visible on her face due to stress. Consequently, she began taking medication, only to discover that she was allergic to it, resulting in nausea. As a result, Adah is now undergoing alternative medical treatment and will be taking a brief hiatus from work to prioritize her health. She shared that her mother encouraged her to focus on her well-being rather than promotional activities and interviews. The actress concluded by stating her intention to return soon after undergoing an Ayurvedic treatment. Numerous fans responded to her post with messages of speedy recovery and well wishes. For the latest news and updates, continue to follow ETimes..