“Man Survives Flagpole Through Skull Attack at Sonic Fast Food Restaurant”

A man in Tulsa, Oklahoma survived a horrific attack when a suspect drove a flagpole through his skull at a Sonic fast food restaurant. The suspect, Clinton Collins, was arrested for “Maiming AFCF” and witnesses reported hearing him say, “That’s what he gets. He deserved it.” The victim, though injured, is expected to survive but may lose an eye. It is unclear why the attack occurred or the dimensions of the flagpole. The case may be handled in tribal court or US District Court due to Collins’ membership in the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. Law Officer reported

TULSA, Oklahoma – A man in Oklahoma miraculously survived a horrifying incident at a fast food restaurant where a suspect impaled him with a flagpole, according to law enforcement officials. The incident took place on Wednesday evening at a Sonic fast food restaurant in the Tulsa Hills neighborhood. Clinton Collins, who has a previous felony conviction, was arrested for the crime of maiming. The victim was found with a flagpole lodged in his head, entering through his jaw and exiting near his right temple. Witnesses reported seeing Collins charge at the victim and heard him say that the victim deserved it. Officers swiftly apprehended Collins at the scene, and firefighters had to cut part of the flagpole to transport the victim. Although the victim is expected to survive, he may lose an eye as a result of his injuries. The crime of maiming is a felony in Oklahoma and carries a potential life sentence. The motive behind the attack remains unclear, and details about the dimensions of the flagpole have not been disclosed. Collins is a member of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, raising questions about whether the case will be handled in tribal court or US District Court. It is important to share and speak up for justice, law, and order in light of this disturbing incident..