“Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz: Rise of a YouTube Celebrity to Boxing Favorite”

By | August 4, 2023



Jake Paul’s upcoming boxing match against Nate Diaz is a testament to Paul’s rise in the sport. From his debut against AnEsonGib to now being a solid favorite against Diaz, Paul has become one of the top draws in combat sports. The fight is expected to generate over $30 million and Paul predicts 500,000 pay-per-view buys. Despite being seen as a mismatch, Diaz’s striking ability could make the fight more interesting. Diaz’s decision to make it a 10-round bout shows his intent to turn it into a fight of endurance. Josh Peter reported

The bout between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz on Saturday night may not be remembered as a legendary moment in boxing history. Nevertheless, it is a testament to Paul’s remarkable ascent. Just four years ago, he made his boxing debut against fellow YouTube star AnEsonGib. Now, he is the clear favorite against Diaz, a UFC veteran who will be making his professional boxing debut. The fight is scheduled for 10 rounds at 185 pounds and is expected to be a near-sellout at the American Airlines Center, a 20,000-seat venue in Dallas. Ringside seats are priced up to $5,000, highlighting the massive popularity of the event.

The fight has the potential to generate over $30 million, with Paul predicting 500,000 pay-per-view buys at $59.99 per view on DAZN. Paul’s days of being paired with retired NBA All-Star Nate Robinson on the undercard of the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. exhibition match are long gone. He now holds the power to call the shots.

While oddsmakers suggest that the fight between Paul and Diaz could be a mismatch, with Paul being a -400 favorite, there are factors that could make it more competitive. Paul, at 26 years old, is over a decade younger than Diaz, who is 38. Paul also possesses a size and strength advantage, having achieved brutal knockout victories against Robinson and former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. However, Paul’s previous loss to Tommy Fury showed that he can be outboxed. Diaz, a third-degree black belt in Jiu Jitsu, may not be able to utilize his grappling skills in the boxing ring, but his striking ability could make him a formidable opponent.

Diaz’s journey to this fight is noteworthy. Initially, the idea of Diaz fighting Paul seemed ridiculous, as Diaz was an established name in combat sports while Paul was still facing underwhelming opponents. Additionally, there was the question of whether UFC president Dana White would allow Diaz to participate. However, in November, Diaz fought out of his contract and became a free agent. He intends to return to the UFC after this lucrative payday.

Looking ahead to the fight, Paul has made significant changes to his team following his loss to Fury. He has parted ways with trainer BJ Flores and enlisted the help of Shane Mosley, a former world champion who previously worked with Paul in his professional debut. Paul has also brought in Larry Wade, an experienced boxing coach, to oversee his strength and conditioning program. He claims to be in the best shape of his boxing career.

In terms of prediction, Flores believes that the fight will not last beyond four rounds. He anticipates that Diaz’s lack of defensive skills will play into Paul’s aggressive style, making it difficult for Diaz to withstand the pressure. Flores expects Diaz to be aggressive, which could ultimately work in Paul’s favor.

Overall, the Paul vs. Diaz fight represents an intriguing clash between two fighters from different backgrounds, with Paul’s rise to prominence and Diaz’s reputation in combat sports. It is a highly anticipated event that has captured the attention of fans and is set to be a significant moment in the combat sports world..