“Former Westchester County Assistant DA Dies During Swim Across America Event”

A former Westchester County Assistant DA died during the Swim Across America event in Westchester County. The 62-year-old man became distressed while swimming and was rescued but later died at the hospital. The man has been identified as Patrick Moore, a Shrub Oak resident who recently retired from the Westchester DA’s Office. The event raises money to fight cancer and has raised over $1.5 million this year. Hudson Valley Post reported

We have received information that the individual who tragically lost his life while aiding others was a highly respected official from the Hudson Valley region. The man, who passed away over the weekend during an annual charity swimming event in the Lower Hudson Valley, has been identified as a former Assistant District Attorney (DA) of Westchester County. This heartbreaking incident occurred during the Swim Across America Event in Westchester County, where the Larchmont Police Department confirmed that a 62-year-old man encountered distress while swimming. Despite efforts to rescue him and transport him to Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital, he sadly did not survive.

This year marked the 31st occurrence of the Long Island Sound Swim Across America, which took place at the Larchmont Yacht Club in Westchester County. The man who tragically passed away has been identified as Patrick Moore, a resident of Shrub Oak, New York. Moore recently retired from an illustrious 35-year career at the Westchester DA’s Office, leaving behind a legacy of devoted service to the public. The Westchester County DA’s office fondly remembers Moore for his unwavering commitment to justice, quick wit, and generous nature. Even in retirement, Moore remained dedicated to helping others.

The Swim Across America organization has a commendable track record of raising substantial funds to combat cancer. Since its establishment in 1992, the Long Island Sound branch of Swim Across America has generated millions of dollars for esteemed beneficiaries such as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Columbia University Cancer Center, Cancer Support Team, and Weill Cornell Medical Center. This year’s event has already raised over $1.5 million.

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