“Two Home Guard Personnel Killed in Violent Clash in Haryana’s Nuh”

By | August 1, 2023



Two home guard personnel were killed and several police officials were injured in a violent clash between two communities in Haryana’s Nuh. The mob attacked the police team, with the two home guards sustaining gunshot injuries. The injured officials are undergoing treatment at a nearby hospital. The incident occurred as the police teams were marching towards Nuh, and multiple gunshots were fired at them. Internet services have been suspended in the area, and Section 144 has been imposed to prohibit large gatherings. Around 2,500 people have been rescued from the violence-hit area. Abhishek Tiwari reported

Violent Clash in Haryana’s Nuh Leaves Two Home Guards dead, Several Injured

In a tragic incident, two home guard personnel lost their lives during a violent clash between two communities in Haryana’s Nuh. The clash took a deadly turn when a violent mob attacked the police team on Monday evening. Reports suggest that the two home guards sustained gunshot injuries during the attack. Multiple police personnel were also severely injured and have been admitted to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The deceased home guards have been identified as Neeraj and Gursevak, who were deployed at Khedali Daula police station in Gurugram. The incident occurred when the police teams were marching from Gurugram to Nuh in police vehicles.

A senior police official of the Gurugram police revealed that the attack took place in Sohna while the police teams were en route to Nuh in response to reported clashes. The miscreants targeted the police vehicles in Sohna, pelting stones and even firing multiple gunshots at the police teams.

Apart from the two home guards, several other police officials, including DSP Hodal, Inspector Ajay, Inspector Devendra, and Sub-Inspector Arun, sustained severe injuries. All the injured were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, where sadly, the two home guards succumbed to their injuries.


The injured police officials are currently undergoing treatment at the hospital, with senior police officials closely monitoring the situation. The families of the injured cops have been assured of all possible assistance to ensure they receive the best treatment.

In response to the clashes, internet services in the area have been suspended for three days, and Section 144 has been imposed to prohibit large gatherings. The local administration and state government are urging the people of Haryana to maintain peace and brotherhood.

Amidst the violence, the police successfully rescued around 2,500 people, including women and children, who were stranded in the affected area. They were provided shelter at a temple near Gurugram.

This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining peace and harmony within communities, and the authorities are working towards restoring normalcy in the region..

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