“Sulaimani Tragedy: Five Injured in Catastrophic Collision”

By | August 1, 2023



A catastrophic collision in Sulaimani province of Kurdistan Region involving a dump truck and eight vehicles has left at least five people injured. The dump truck is believed to have lost its brakes, resulting in the collision. The injured individuals, including a severely injured taxi driver, were taken to the hospital for treatment. Similar accidents in the region have been attributed to mobile phone usage, excessive speeding, and a lack of adherence to safety measures. To address the issue, traffic authorities in Kurdistan have begun installing speed cameras on main roads. The incident emphasizes the importance of implementing road safety measures. BNN Breaking reported

Tragic Collision in Sulaimani Province Leaves Five Injured

An alarming accident took place in the Sulaimani province of Kurdistan Region, involving a fully loaded dump truck and eight other automobiles. This catastrophic collision resulted in at least five individuals being injured. The dump truck, carrying gravel and dirt, is believed to have lost its brakes, leading to the disastrous collision on a bustling street in Sulaimani.

The injured individuals, primarily the drivers of the vehicles involved in the collision, were promptly rushed to the hospital for medical care. Among the victims is a taxi driver, who is reported to be in critical condition. Local security forces have detained the driver of the dump truck. The accident caused significant damage, including to several trees on the street island, and the area remains cordoned off by security personnel.

Alarming Increase of Accidents in the Kurdistan Region

This accident is just one of many that the Kurdistan Region has experienced in the past year. In March, a single-car accident in Erbil resulted in the tragic deaths of five individuals, while a similar accident in Duhok province claimed the lives of eight family members in the previous October.

The primary causes of these fatal accidents have been identified as mobile phone usage while driving and excessive speeding. Additionally, the failure to adhere to driving safety measures, such as wearing seatbelts, has contributed to the high fatality and injury rates. A report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stresses the importance of seatbelt use, as it can reduce death rates by 45% and serious injuries by 50%.

Initiatives to Improve Road Safety

In response to the alarming number of traffic accidents, the traffic authorities in the Kurdistan Region have started installing point-to-point speed cameras along the main roads in the provinces. This initiative is part of a broader effort to enhance road safety measures and combat the increasing number of traffic incidents.


The tragic accident in Sulaimani once again highlights the urgency of implementing rigorous road safety measures and raising public awareness about responsible driving. Neglecting such measures can have severe and life-altering consequences, as evidenced by this recent accident.


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