“Deadly Confrontation: Two Criminals Killed in Attack on Police Sub-Inspector”

By | August 1, 2023



In a routine vehicle check, two armed men attacked a police sub-inspector with machetes, leading to a life-threatening situation. The officer and another colleague managed to defend themselves and wound the attackers. However, two other individuals involved in the attack escaped. The deceased were identified as S Vinood and S Ramesh, both with extensive criminal records. The sub-inspector was admitted to the hospital for treatment, and investigations into the incident are ongoing. This incident highlights the dangers faced by law enforcement officers and the need for comprehensive reforms to protect them. BNN Breaking reported

A Deadly Confrontation: Police Sub-Inspector Attacked During Routine Vehicle Check

In the early hours of a Tuesday morning, a routine vehicle check quickly turned into a nightmarish scene as two armed men launched a brutal attack on a police sub-inspector. The sub-inspector and a fellow officer managed to evade the attackers and responded with gunfire, injuring the assailants.

Amidst the chaos, two other individuals involved in the attack managed to escape, while the injured attackers were rushed to a local hospital. Unfortunately, they were pronounced dead upon arrival.

Criminals with Extensive Records

The deceased have been identified as S Vinood, 35, and S Ramesh, 32. Both individuals had extensive criminal records, with Vinood being associated with more than 50 cases and Ramesh having over 20 cases against him. These charges ranged from murder and attempted murder to extortion, highlighting their history of violence and lawlessness.

Vinood, classified as a high-risk criminal in the A+ category, had a record detailing 10 murders, 15 attempted murders, 10 robberies, 15 assaults, and several extortion cases. Ramesh, falling into the A category, had over 20 criminal cases, including five murders, seven attempted murders, eight assaults, and multiple extortion cases.

Sub-Inspector’s Injuries and Ongoing Investigation

The sub-inspector, named Sivagurunathan, sustained injuries during the attack and was admitted to Chromepet government hospital for treatment. According to the police report, the assailants were in a black car when they were signaled to stop for a check. However, they crashed into the police jeep and launched their attack, demonstrating outright defiance.


Senior police officials visited the crime scene and the hospital, conducting inquiries with the injured sub-inspector. The investigation into this shocking incident is currently underway.

A Grim Reminder of the Risks Faced by Law Enforcement

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the daily dangers faced by law enforcement officers. According to statistics reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there has been a 51 percent increase in the number of police officers killed in the line of duty between January 1, 2021, and September 30, 2021, compared to the same period last year.

In 2020, over 60,105 law enforcement officers were assaulted while performing their duties, with 4,071 more officers assaulted compared to the previous year. These figures emphasize the need for comprehensive reforms to protect those who risk their lives to maintain law and order.

This story of the deadly confrontation between the police and criminals with extensive criminal records sheds light on the challenges faced by law enforcement and the ongoing struggle to ensure safety in society.


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