“Anonymous Tip to KC Crime Stoppers: Help Solve Unsolved Case and Earn up to $25,000”

By | August 1, 2023



KC Crime Stoppers is separate from the police and offers an anonymous way for the community to submit tips. In its 41-year history, no tipster has ever been identified. Tips are submitted without personal information, and communication is completely anonymous. Community leaders are encouraging people to use Crime Stoppers to help solve cases and address violence. Kansas City Police Chief Karl Oakman emphasizes the importance of providing information, regardless of how it is given. Tipsters can receive up to $25,000 for a tip leading to an arrest in a homicide. KMBC reported

KC Crime Stoppers is urging the public to submit anonymous tips to their hotline, emphasizing that it is not the same as going to the police with information. The nonprofit organization aims to build more community trust amid rising violence and increasing mistrust in the police force in Kansas City. Many people mistakenly believe that Crime Stoppers is a branch of the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD), when in fact it is an independent 501(c)(3) organization.

According to James Eddy, a board member of Crime Stoppers, the identity of the tipster is never known, even when they collect their tips. In the 41 years since its establishment, Crime Stoppers has maintained complete anonymity for its tipsters. No one has ever been identified as a tipster, and the organization has paid out over $1.7 million in rewards.

When submitting a tip, no personal information is taken down, including phone numbers or IP addresses. Crime Stoppers also offers an anonymous two-way communication method and ensures that tipsters receive their rewards in cash at secure locations.

Community leaders, such as Rosilyn Temple of KC Mothers in Charge, are eager for the program to gain the public’s trust. Temple, who lost her son to violence 12 years ago, believes that the community needs to step up and report the violence they witness. Kansas City, Kansas Police Chief Karl Oakman echoes this sentiment, urging individuals to call the tips hotline if they don’t want to directly contact the police department.

Tipsters can receive up to $25,000 for a tip leading to an arrest in a homicide. To submit a tip, individuals are urged to call the Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS (8477)..


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